Subject Zero - "Cani"

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Subject Zero - "Cani"

Post  ScorpDK on Sat Oct 29, 2011 7:12 am

File: Subject Zero

Name: Unknown
Surname: Unknown
Other Names: "Cani"
Date of Birth: Unknown
Age: Unknown (Physical Age: 11)
Height: 144cm
Weight: 34kg
Nationality: Unknown
Skintone: Light Caucasian
Haircolor: Black
Eyecolor: Purple


Medical Record:

Occupation: Researcher



  • First discovered during the intervention in the east, by US Army Rangers as she reaved through a armored convoy composed of several tanks and infantry support using telekinetic mind powers.

  • Second encounter with this paranormal entity 7 years later in New York City, causing chaos at an ice-skating course. Seemingly went out of control, causing massive collateral damage to a small part of the city. Disappeared from sight after that.

  • A month later, she resurfaced, however, this time all over the globe, hinting at either teleportation powers or at some sort of cloning experiment. Witnesses report that she is openly assisting the monstrous subjects, despite former reports of her escaping from them.

  • During the following month, she was reportedly seen cooperating with one of the larger subject types, and apparently helping it evolve into something even deadlier, albeit the details on this are unclear.

  • Reports were made by several weapon manufacturers that they are working on a type of weapon that could overwhelm her telekinetic barrier, thus making it possible to engage her kind without resorting to one-shot hit-or-miss long-range attacks or silent ambushes. Info on the progress of said weapon is still unavailable.

  • Subject Zero is gifted with telekinetic powers, which she uses to great effectiveness in both offensive and defensive manners, as well as neutral uses.

  • Her neutral powers seem to consist of levitation and a sort of shared consciousness, or mental link. Attacks used effectively against one had diminishing results on the next of her kind, and successive encounters hinted at this. After one of her kind was burned with a flamethrower, she focused on said weapon first, before returning her attention to the gun-wielding teammates.

  • During offense, she has been observed to crush objects in her surrounding area and shape them into deadly projectiles, then flinging those at her target. Engaging her in areas with lots of objects is thus highly advised to avoid. Drawing her into empty rooms or open areas reduces her arsenal. That said, she still is a threat even if there's no objects around. Even large chunks of concrete have been ripped out of the ground, or parts of walls disassembled for weaponry. It has also been reported that she will use guns from her foes against them, or puppeteering someone into shooting at his allies, which she seems to do when ambushing or hiding. It's possible to escape this by breaking line of sight or trying to resist it's effects, but the former may well be the easier route, as she seems to be unable to affect what she cannot see or hear.

  • For defense, she uses a telekinetic barrier, intercepting any matter thrown at her and holding it in place and stocking up her own arsenal with it in the process. So far, she's been confronted with a wide variety of weapons, and has been able to stop all of them, no matter the bullet count, size or spread. It's advised to not attack her with on-impact explosive weapons, as she will bounce those right back and cause havoc. Well-timed explosives like air-burst grenades have a higher chance to hit her, but the mental link may soon make this weapon useless against her. There isn't an exact estimate to how many mass she can affect with her power, but she will stop attacking when her defenses may be compromised. Thus suppression is a possible strategy.

  • Over the past 2 years, Subject Zero has suffered casualties across the globe, drastically reducing their numbers. This, together with the complete eradication of all the other Subjects, has forced the last remains of their forces to go into hiding. Once a hunter, now they became the hunted. As mankind entered the era of power development, "Cani" no longer has the same impact as she used to, being easily ganged up on by "lesser" power users. However, knowing their time is coming to an end, they will fight to the death, no longer playing around with their foes as it was once the case.

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