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Jack Campbell

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And thus, we are drawn to the inevitable conclusion that the entire exercise has been futile. Project ALPHA-WARRIOR is to be scrapped and Subject Campbell to be released under close inspection.

File: Jack Campbell

Name: Jack
Surname: Campbell
Other Names: NA
Date of Birth: May 6th
Age: 24
Height: 181cm
Weight: 72kg
Nationality: Australian
Skintone: Pale
Haircolor: Chestnut brown
Eyecolor: Blue

Doctor Campbell (Father, deceased )
Lucile Campbell (Mother, deceased)
Harriet Campbell (stepmother, unknown)

Medical Record:
Multiple Personality Disorder
Mild Schizophrenia

Occupation: Unemployed
Hobbies: Videogames, Tabletop games, watching movies, internet browsing

Currently unavailable


As of late, it has come to our attention that a particular citizen of New York City has been caught in the midst of multiple cases of extreme paranormal significance. In all of these cases, the civillian "Jack Campbell" has displayed one or multiple variations of these extreme behaviors:
- Forming a carapace of solidified biomass
- Creating a whip-like appendage to snag or smash targets
- Solidifying fists with hardened biomass for extra impact
- Morphing an appendage into something the men have affectionately called the BFS
- Conjuring a shield of biomass as a protective measure against armor piercing projectiles
- Sprouting claws in place of hands to shred through different grades of metal.
- What can only be described as assimilation. We suspect this is the method in which more biomass is attained.
In addition, Jack Campbell has been seen to have sudden bouts of aggression, and have long conversations with what are apparently alternative personalities. Keep under close observation.


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