Emily Morris

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Emily Morris

Post  Homu on Wed Jul 05, 2017 9:00 am

Name: Emily Morris
Gender: Female
Bloodline: Locrian
Age: 20
Occupation: Maid
Height: 158cm
Weight: 60kg


Emily was born into a middle-class household. Her mother, a housewife, and her father, a coachman. There was also a brother, Paul, who was six years older. They all lived in Valstred, the capital of Locria. When Emily was four years old, her mother had another child, Maximillian. Now she wasn't the youngest family member anymore and gained more responsibility. Emily grew up in a relatively regular fashion, being sent to school and helping with housework afterwards.

Ten years passed until the kids lost their father to an accident. It was at this time that their mother revealed to them a story she had not told them before.
Their grandparents owned an estate away from the city and were quite wealthy, but because their mother married a man they did not agree with, disowned her.
Trying to reconcile with her parents, she left the others in care of the bigger brother, swearing she will return a rich woman once her grandparents passed away.
Paul saw it as a cowardly act and decided he wouldn't wait for something that may not happen for a long time. He decided to take his younger brother with him to make a living elsewhere, seeking adventure.
Emily would stay in the city, aiming to become a maid and making a living herself. Her two brothers would move on themselves, looking for adventure and riches elsewhere.
Now she has her house all for herself.

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