Apris Lucretia L'Éclaire

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Apris Lucretia L'Éclaire

Post  Homu on Fri Sep 23, 2011 3:59 pm

File: Apris Lucretia L'Éclaire

Name: Apris
Surname: L'Éclaire
Other Names: Lucretia
Date of Birth: December 26th
Age: 24
Height: 165 CM
Weight: 45 KGs
Nationality: French
Skintone: White as chalk
Haircolor: White with an icy blue undertone
Eyecolor: Blue. Red (left eye, complete heterochromia)

Estelle L'Éclaire (mother, deceased)
Ferrau L'Éclaire (father, deceased)
Monique L'Éclaire (Aunt, alive)
Cousin with name I forgot.

Medical Record:
Tuberculosis. Seems to only affect her, and appears uncurable. Symptoms are chest pains, night chills, fever, pallor, appetite loss, bloody cough.
Complete Heterochromia (left eye)
Special Abilities: The Power of Absolute Obedience in form of her "odd" eye.
Other: Templar Heritage

Occupation: None
Nobility: Future Comtesse
Hobbies: Strategy Games, Piano and Organ Music, Going for Walks

Her Eye. The veins become visible when she is very stressed and her blood pressure raises. It will eventually leak blood as if it is crying.

Apris without bandage.

Some of her outfits. Casual wear, Fancy Dress, and Schoolwear.

Color image.

Character History:

A lonely youth
Apris grew up as a single-child in france. She was born into the noble L'Éclaire Family, however, her condition was special.
The child was pale white, with eyes of two different colors. She was also quite sick, afflicted by tuberculosis.
This, her parents, did not like one bit. Deep inside, they wanted her to die, or give her away, but they could not do so.
The reasons for this are unknown, but most likely they wanted to preserve the image of their family in a good light.
And thus, Apris grew up into a lonely girl. Often, she was reminded by how useless she was considered.
Her parents told her hurtful things sometimes. "I wish you were different." , "You should have died instead" , "You're useless, a weight on the family.".
But not everything was darkness. The Servants were not unkind to Apris, and sometimes, Aunt Monique L'Éclaire visited.
This would make Apris very happy, and she would often come jumping into her aunt's arms, who replied with affectionate nicknames.
Yes, she indeed was accepted and loved as who she was by that one person.
The years passed, and Apris was trained in Piano playing and Organ playing, and also in fencing. But one day, there was an accident.
Apris and her father were fencing unprotected, when she received a scar across her "bad" eye. Unbeknownst to her, this was a vile attempt by her father to "accidentally" hit the eye.
This was the first, and the last time her parents would do anything of that sorts, and the last time Apris takes up the fencing rapier.


The years passed, and Apris and family moved from their residence in france over into the USA.

Turning point
One day, she was 15 years old by now, Apris had gotten into an argument with her parents. This would mark the first time she would use her power.
Apris, emotionally riled up to the max, looks at her parents, staring them in the eyes. It was then, when she would yell something she, even until today, refuses to utter.
"Leave me alone, forever!". Her power activated, and her parents became suicidal. She noticed the odd change, and wanted to stop them.
But all her attempts were in vain. Her parents were found dead later, the cause: Suicide. Apris was traumatized, and now, even more lonely.
All that was left was the mansion, and the staff. No one knew if the Staff knew of this incident. After the incident, Apris hired more staff.
The old Head Butler was promoted to Steward of the Mansion, and she hired a new Head butler who from now on was only known as "Fabien".
She did not replace the young maid her parents hired a few years ago, or the chauffeur, or even the grumpy gardener who unbeknownst to her tries to sabotage her.
To no avail. Fate, or Fabien, seem to prevent Apris from actually finding out at all.
The years passed in loneliness, Apris started to use her power a little more, trying to cope with it, but the fear always was with her, like a shadow.
She started to gain influence in business and economy, mainly of the New York area and the state. Apris began founding the Science Institute.
More years passed...until the fateful day she decided to join the School to socialize and meet new people.

End of loneliness
And that is where current events take place. Apris met Jack Campbell and Kira Umisuke, and shortly after, she met Celina Brighton and others.
The events doubled tenfold, and Apris quickly gained friends, and a moderate happiness.
So much, that she even reconsidered her "world conquest" plans that stemmed from loneliness and the wish to not be useless.
Now she felt useful, or needed, wanted, by individuals. And nothing would have made her more happy than that.

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Re: Apris Lucretia L'Éclaire

Post  Homu on Wed Oct 05, 2011 5:06 pm

Apris' possessions:


Apris' Mansion:
It also has a theme, more or less.

The Exterior of the Mansion

The Mansion

Broken Link - Request it personally <- Mansion Plan download link. Important!

One of the long side-hallways as seen on the mansion plan. The ones that have the doors to the Library/Kitchen and Meeting Room/Dining Room.
Aswell as the 2nd floor hallways where the guest rooms are.

The Library

Vehicles of the Mansion:
Black and White expensive car:

Two Helicopters, One old model, one new model:

Two Carriages. One in black, one in white. (without horses)

Two Limos, also Black and White

Aswell as a snow camo APC

She also has two or three "generic" cars, such as a red car, something that wouldn't strike out anywhere at all.

Apris' French Residence:
A dark looking mansion, of which Apris has an image in her mansion. (See the image in her backstory).

Apris' Castle:
Theme of Apris' Castle Approach.
Visualize this: The Group arrives with a helicopter, around a mountain/hill that overlooks a village. As the helicopter turns, the mighty Templar-style Castle can be seen on the hill/mountainside.
Hollywood Movie "intro-style" helicopter making its rounds around the castle as it's full epicness is viewed, accompanied by templar-ish music.

-There is not much info about the castle yet. It is a upcoming arc/event-

Facts about the castle: It was a reward her ancestor, Gerard L'Éclaire, a Templar Knight, gained, aswell as Nobility Status.
Her family watched over the land there, and that is how her family gained the nobility status they have now.
It now it a tourist attraction. The town knows the L'Éclaire family well. They may not know Apris herself, though.

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