Official announcement: Yet another RP

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Official announcement: Yet another RP

Post  Berserker on Mon Mar 27, 2017 3:49 am

There's been some talk of it backstage so far, but I'm well aware not everyone has heard from this, at least not from me. Therefore, I make this official announcement, so that everyone knows what to expect. This may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I make the announcement anyway. If interest is low, I'll simply put the idea away.

Now, as it were, this new, grand, fantastically exciting and completely ground-breaking idea for an RP full of magic, mystery, action, intrigue, and no small amount of dry humour, is set in the TOS universe, on the continent called Elne. That continent has already been presented elsewhere, in not too in-character terms, so anyone completely unfamiliar with the continent may want to take a look at that first.

The concept is very simple: All across the inhabitable parts of Elne, railways have been erected, providing a swift and efficient means of transport for both people and goods. As one would expect, all sorts of people travel on these trains, be they merchants, detectives, nobility, farmers, engineers, fighters - the list goes on for quite a while - and most importantly, player characters. Those interested in participating in this RP are expected to make characters who spends quite a bit of time in transit, preferably with reasons for doing so. The trains are due to stop by small villages, big cities, and quite importantly, the focus points keeping magic from razing the land, making them an excellent way to see much of the continent in a single RP, as well as providing many kinds of people reasons to travel around - investigate a cult, find missing ambassadors, recover a shipment of wares stolen by savages, or slay a local band of ogres renouncing the advances of civilisation. Action is of course to be expected, as you can't ride a train in a fantasy setting without gunfights against savages or bandits, derailments in the wilderness followed by gunfights with savages or bandits, derailments in the wilderness as a consequence of gunfights with savages or bandits, and of course the classic on-board train robber instigating a gunfight. Getting attacked by a chimera may also be considered disadvantageous, and is a legitimate reason for a ticket refund (refund service not available posthumously).

Nevertheless, one has to expect some degree of "cart RP-syndrome", for those familiar with the travel RP, meaning much entertainment value rides on character interaction as they travel. Fortunately there are no smartphones in this era, so it's a wee bit easier to strike up conversation. It still means creating a sociable character is a lot more likely to leave you entertained than creating a silent person sitting in a corner by themselves; chimeras can be killed in a hundred different ways, but I'm not building up this RP for the purpose of finding the 101st. Since trains tend to contain a bit more and move a bit faster than carts, I'm hoping the increase in variety, combined with several fantasy elements, and a railway experience as authentic as only a professional can make it, will make the RP appealing.

If you're interested in making a character for this RP, let me know, and I'll try to give you some starting tips. "Anything goes", as a general rule, but there are some types of characters who might be more interesting to play here than others. Would also like some feedback here in the thread.

inb4 accusations of railroading

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