Mahatma, the Exalted Land

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Mahatma, the Exalted Land

Post  Octie♥ on Fri Sep 02, 2016 10:02 am

Unknown wrote:"They called it the Exalted Land, a place of otherworldly wonder and wealth. Long ago, during the Federation's conception, its existence was only confirmed by the few elder monks of the Dragon Temple. Zhu Shen and the Shogunate were denied any type of access to this fabled country, and for time immemorial, it was believed that no such country existed by the name of "Mahatma". However, there is nothing else to explain the area of land that lies to the East of the Shogunate and Zhu Shen, except towering walls that cannot be scaled, of unknown architecture. Though settlements and outposts have been constructed at the foot of these grand walls, no successful expeditions have been made beyond them. Thus, rumours of the Exalted Land were formed by the superstitious populace of the Federation, a proclaimed "land of gods" that people are taken to when they die, or better, ascend to a higher level of being. Only one thing is known for sure; the few elder monks that speak of its existence swear their lives and teachings on the fact that it does indeed exist. Such an oath to a truth is the equivalent to the word of a god."

Unknown (found in a scholar's study in the ruins of Matsuyama, entry was written a day before the Jiiya incursion) wrote:"... However, recently, there's been a huge development regarding the grand walls. There have been reports of the wall crumbling in certain places, some areas seem to be opening up enough for access. We'll likely be organizing expedition teams very soon, for a new age of exploration could be upon us... to discover wonders that, now, not even the monks can hide from us. What unspoken myths or unspeakable terrors lie beyond those walls, in the Exalted Land of Mahatma? I can barely contain my excitement. For now, I await the response of my colleague, who is residing in Jiiya. The response is a few days late, but with a discovery of this magnitude, delays are to be expected... right?"

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