The Oni Confederates

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The Oni Confederates

Post  Octie♥ on Fri Aug 19, 2016 6:59 am

"On the eve of the Shogun's beheading, a certain leaf pointed to an ominous direction. When the deed was done, something had awoken deep in the creep of the uninhabited reaches of Tokei. The Shogunate was collapsing, and a treacherous, corrupted clan was rising to take the empty, broken throne, while those still loyal to the shattered regime banded together and convinced themselves of a better future.

It was time for the idlers to cease their aimless wandering. The threat of the end of their hedonist livelihoods was but a vague sighting in their future; it was enough to inspire them, the aliens that descended onto the mystical land one day and claimed it as their home. They have no place here, yet they answer someone's call now. They finally have a reason to make themselves known, for what they have grown to love was suddenly rapidly dying away. They knew that if they sat back, it would all be lost in flames. They don't stand up for those that have fallen, nor do they stand with those who still fight. They simply stand before the corruption for their own pleasure, for they defend their right to exist in this world of pleasures that they love."


The Oni Confederates are a recent party of power that have risen in the turbulent times that the former Shogunate is currently going through. The race that previously remained uninvolved from anything political, they see a breach in their own security, and have thus risen to take matters into their own hands. Their motives are unclear, other than the fact that they wish to dismantle Jiiya. It was originally believed that the Oni were collaborating with Jiiya to achieve their goals, this seems to not be the case, however. The Confederates are led by five chieftains, known as the Yasha (perhaps an ode to the fallen Shogunate). Aside from that, there are no discernible castes or units within the Oni forces. Certain gods and deities of the land have given their power to the Oni as well, due to them being of "similar origins".

Bakeyasha - The first Oni who stood up and proclaimed the motive of claiming the land for Oni-kind, she is regarded as a true "one-of-a-kind" Oni. She also acts as the vessel of Rashoumon-Gai, the Lord of the Pyre, and is able to use his powers to brilliant effect. She is the de facto leader of the Yasha Five. She seems to hold a long-term grudge against the Jiiya, hence her lack of hesitation in rising as a power.

Kokoboroyasha - Often described as the wild card of the Yasha Five, Kokoboroyasha (often abbreviated as Koko) was a former Oni maiden that lived in tranquility as a seamstress. She had a human lover, who was slain by Jiiya agents during a purge of the village they lived in, as well as the destruction of her home. She has now become a crazed, sadistic monster that even other Oni fear, being perpetually under the influence of Gekkogara, the Goddess of the Full Moon.

Tetsuyasha - A towering Oni, the most brutish and giant of his kind. He is regarded as a true "demon" among his kind, due to his imposing physique, burning crimson skin and explosive physical strength. This belies the fact that he is actually the Oni Confederate's effective spymaster, being especially knowledgeable when it comes to matters of intrigue and intel-gathering (due to it being his passion in his lifetime). His massive strength and physique is the result of him acting as the vessel of Hidoshoshu, the Lord of Burning Coals.

Kubariyasha - In contrast to Tetsuyasha, he is a lithe Oni that functions as an unparalleled warrior of the shadows. He often follows Tetsuyasha's orders, due to him being well-suited to that type of work. He is incredibly good at organizing the other Oni, however, and is often employed as a tactician, should the Oni ever need to skirmish. He and Tetsuyasha are seen as a dynamic duo that function best when working together.

Owoyasha - The most reserved, yet also the most elegant of the Yasha Five. She is regarded as having unmatched beauty, being able to beguile any average human with her looks alone. She is the only one out of the Yasha Five, and a lot of Oni in general, that truly wish to save the Loyalists from the threat of Jiiya. Her beauty and fairness belie her strength in battle, for she harnesses the powers of two deities; Sankamo-Ru, the Goddess of Thunder, and Josuro-Ru, the Lord of Timber.

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