Demons in the Federation: The Oni

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Demons in the Federation: The Oni

Post  Octie♥ on Thu Aug 18, 2016 5:52 am

Demons are a strange existence that not many know about, since they usually reside in an exclusive realm, out of contact from humans. However, the Federation region is an area where the lines separating fiction and non-fiction are blurred more than anywhere else. This acted as an indirect "attraction" for a certain caste of these demons that lurk in other realms.

Thus, the Oni started to materialize in the Yashamitsu Shogunate, one day. In nature, they are demons who have attained corporeal forms in the main realm that we all know and live in. However, they are unable to revert to their previous state as "demons", exclusive to the third realm. Therefore, Oni are demons who have sacrificed their former obscurity in order to become a part of our world. They are not beings of this world, yet they have decided to call it their new home. In accordance, they can be considered a unique race with unique natural laws that do not apply to any other race in Kayre.

How Oni are "born"

Oni materialize into the world, seemingly at random. The places they spawn into will often be places that are: away from society and populated areas, and areas with the least amounts of magic concentration. Oni are born in whichever form suits their former personality, though it is not to say all Oni are born with established characters. Some start off as infants, whereas others come into the world fully matured. They are all the same in their understanding of the real realm, however, so they each share the same alien attitude towards everything upon conception. They are incredibly adaptable, however, and can adjust themselves to the local culture of wherever they spawn through mere observation, including peoples' lifestyles and the laws that hold society together. For example, if an Oni watches a human knit a blanket, they will be able to pick it up instantly and develop their own skills quickly. They can easily master such skills, but they cannot master everything they learn; they have a maximum capacity. For instance, if an Oni became a master at one thing and then attempted to become a master at another, they would get worse in the first thing, to balance it out. This is simply how the Oni's mind works; they can be a master of few, or a jack of all trades. In this regard, it is relatively easy for an Oni to fit in... if the people do not mind the Oni's presence, that is.

Oni and the Federal People

The first sighting of Oni occurred a couple decades ago. At first, they were seen as horned monsters and were accused of stealing children and women from small settlements. This came off of the fact that a pair of particularly rowdy Oni did indeed commit these misdeeds. However, when a group of other Oni brought the heads of this pair to the Shogun personally, they were convinced that it was an exceptional case. Ever since then, Oni have been regarded as less of a threatening existence, and more like a mythical race of sorts. They are not well-known in all areas, and are mostly the centre of folktales in the Shogunate region, since they rather keep to themselves than linger with humans. The few that do reside amidst human populations only care for their own lifestyles and don't involve themselves in anything drastic, so much so that humans around them just see them as another one of them. It is not public knowledge that Oni are demons, for the existence of demons is not something that is known. Instead, they are regarded as a "friendlier species of yokai".

Oni Culture

Oni culture is entirely influenced by that of the Shogunate, so they are similar/identical. The difference is that since Oni don't have the same livelihood obligations as humans, they have more willpower to invest solely into their own personal endeavours, whatever they may be. Oni that integrate with society can typically be found in economical roles, such as seamstresses, brewmasters or hosts, since the only overall "law" of the Oni is "to live as a hedonist". The pursuit of personal pleasure is the foundation of the Oni race in itself. In some cases, it can be troublesome, though in most cases it allows them to benefit society in minor ways that don't harm or disrupt anything. Because they are native to the land, however, Oni can be quite xenophobic, moreso than the humans living there, for Oni have never ventured outside of the Shogunate.

The one thing holding them back from melding with society is the fact that an Oni can never truly hide their identity. The horns of an Oni are a mark as well as a symbol of their race. No matter what kind of disguise they take on, their horns are prevalent for all to see. Some may be able to hide them via hoods and other headwear, depending on shape and size. They can be small stubs that are easy to conceal, or great curved horns that are impossible to hide. Generally, larger horns mean a prouder Oni, and having horns broken is often a cause for discrimination among them, since an Oni that cannot even protect their own horns is not a very worthy Oni in general.

Oni Powers

Outside of common knowledge, there are two realms. One that everything resides in, and one where magic roams. Humans tap into the magic realm in order to use spells in their own realm. Oni originate from a third realm, the demon realm. Because of this, Oni in Kayre exist in the real realm and their own demon realm, but not the magic realm. By extension, this means that spells have no effect at all on Oni. Spells that create elements of the real world, however, will still affect them. For instance, a spell that creates a real fire will still burn an Oni, but one that spouts magical flames will not harm them at all. Anything magical in nature will find itself useless against them.

As for the nature of Oni powers themselves, they manifest depending on the Oni, so their capabilities fluctuate vastly depending on the individual. Typically, all Oni have types of mental interference abilities such as charms and hypnosis, which can be transmitted by eyesight, pheromones or even dances. Some Oni have the ability to emit different types of breaths, others can strengthen their own bodies in various ways. It is rare for an Oni to have an exceptional power, though those that do have a very unique ability are generally well-respected and seen as demigods of Oni kind. Oni powers are NOT magic, they are simply natural to the Oni's self and can be related to the natural abilities some animals have. Due to this trait, Oni cannot learn how to spellcast or use magic in any way.

An Oni's major weakness is anything pertaining to the Ancients. Powers or weapons of Ancient origin are enough to make any Oni hiss in disgust and flee, it is almost like poison to them. Just being around them can make one nauseous. They are also wary of magic focus points, and try their best to avoid those areas whenever possible.

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