Zetia of Site Z

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Zetia of Site Z

Post  Octie♥ on Thu May 12, 2016 5:27 pm

Name: Zetia 
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Homonis - ???
Title: The Anomalous Dark Horse
Character Type: Emotionless Nuisance
Class: Agent
Place of Origin: Site Z, Central Arcanis
Height: 149cm
Weight: -
Starting HP: 450
Starting MP: 100



-Amorphous Black
-Machina Arcana: Kronus

-Playing games
-Reading manuals
-Studying architecture

-She will provide her opinion on a matter even if she wasn't even asked, often trying to overrule others.
-Has a complex vocabulary, easily confusing others with her explanations.
-She will stand by an argument stubbornly, unless provided with hard facts; then she desists immediately.
-Seems to share her personality with her scythe, Kronus.
-Her emotionless is not related to trauma, but more the fact that she hasn't developed such emotions yet.
-She eats unnatural amounts food, just like Morgan.



Traits & Talents:
Amorphous Black (Talent): A mysterious ability of unknown origin, her body can convert itself into a viscous blob of unknown matter. She can shapeshift into a variety of forms, acquiring functions and characteristics of such things, though always retaining a pitch black featureless hue. She is only able to do this with Kronus around, however; otherwise if she tries, she becomes a pile of black goop. She can only describe the sensation when shifting as "being weightless and free". Roll ((INT+AGI) x 2)d6 every time it is used to transform. Upon a success, takes on the desired form. Upon Super Success, attains a masterful version of the desired form. Upon failure, fails to transform entirely. Upon Critical Failure, transforms into a random form. Benefits of forms are down to GM's discretion.
Machina Arcana - Kronus (Trait): Machina Arcana are specialized machinery infused with magic. Kronus is a scythe that has little functionality other than an aide to Zetia's Amorphous Black and being an effective melee weapon. It has built in thrusters that can be used to boost the power of attacks, however. Adds +1 modifier to physical attacks and techniques when in humanoid form.


Favorite Food: Anything
Favorite Drink: Anything (literally)
Favorite Animal: Squid
Favorite Music: Electronic
Favorite Color: Black

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