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Morgan Wroth

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Name: Morgan Wroth
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Tel'Aera
Title: The Underdog of Frisham
Character Type: Big Sister
Class: Vanguard
Place of Origin: Frisham, Northern Arcanis
Height: 175cm
Weight: -
Starting HP: 600
Starting MP: 10



-Intermediate level Mixed Martial Arts
-One Hit KO Technique: No Second Strike

-Rock Climbing
-Animal Care

-Due to her demonblood, she often appears as a delinquent in the eyes of others. She is anything but.
-However, she tends to show some of the demonic side when she witnesses acts of oppression (e.g, bullying).
-In accordance, she is overprotective of those she cares about.
-Is not one to mince words when it comes to the failings and issues of others.
-Competitive to a fault.
-Eats a fuck tonne.



Traits & Talents:
Demon Blooded - Wrath (Trait): Her demon blood is the same strain as the one of the Demon King Wrath. Bestows super strength to her. The strength increases to astounding levels when she becomes angered. Roll (WIL)d6 whenever Morgan takes damage. Activates upon success, and Super Success grants a free simple action. Critical Failure results in her attacking the closest target (ally or enemy). Causes her body (and hoodie) to turn blood red. These "tantrums" can last from a few seconds to a few minutes. During Wrath, STR and END tests get +2 modifiers. Also gains the ability to roll 2d6 every time she is attacked. Successes will reduce damage, Super Successes negate damage. Critical Failures will double the damage. When it expires, her body becomes outrageously fatigued for up to two hours.
One Hit KO Technique: No Second Strike (Talent): A single strike she has practice thousands of times. What seems to be a simple right jab, is a punch of astronomical levels of power. Only used once, it was said to level an entire castle. Requires a long warm-up time to be properly executed. Her hoodie prevents her from using it; a self-imposed precaution. Roll (STR x 10)d6. Ignores END.


Favorite Food: Meat
Favorite Drink: Ale, Cola
Favorite Animal: Bull
Favorite Music: Metal & Rock
Favorite Color: Yellow

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