Forum Excerpt: "The Nightmare's End...or is it?"

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Forum Excerpt: "The Nightmare's End...or is it?"

Post  ScorpDK on Wed Sep 21, 2011 1:39 am

So it all came down to this one day, where billions of people sat in front of their TVs, watching the ceremony of a certain vaccine that would cure and prevent all humans from that freaky virus that turns them into some sorta mutant that goes around killing stuff with superhuman strength. They activated their device, stuff happened. Everyone happy.

And suddenly, the scientists themselves turn into monsters? I mean, what is up with that? Wouldn't you believe they had at the very least tried the vaccine on themselves first, just to avoid something like that? Kinda careless of their side. And then it turns out they all get killed by their own security force. Now THAT was unexpected. And police later seals the entire complex off because it's dangerous inside, without explaining what's going on? KIIIINDA FISHY, if you ask me.

Dunno, it feel like they were going about with their "Everyone should have the same chance" and that's why they didn't vaccine themselves before. It's sad how this all ended up. RIP, Saviors of Mankind.

Damn those mofo terrorists and their virus shit. Those poor scientists did all they could to save us, and then they themselves get hit by that bullshit. I was there when it happened. Poor bastards didn't stand a chance, an the guards didn't even try to take them down non-lethally. Fucked up.

Think less of the fallen and more about what's going to happen next. The guy responsible for the virus and the deaths of the scientists is still at large, and who knows what else that asshole got in stock. I would love to be positive about this, but I got this weird feeling that this is far from over until they put that prick down for good

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