Mai Takamura [WIP]

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Mai Takamura [WIP]

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File: Mai Takamura

Name: Mai
Surname: Takamura
Other Names:
Date of Birth: January 1st
Age: 23
Height: 163cm
Weight: 54kg
Nationality: Japanese
Skintone: Light Asian
Haircolor: Black
Eyecolor: Brown

Chou Takamura (mother, deceased)
Sai Takamura (father, deceased)

Medical Record:

Occupation: Researcher
Hobbies: Drinking, Eating, Volleyball


Born and raised in Kobe, Mai is daughter to Chou Takamura, a International News Reporter and Sai Takamura, former member of the canceled project "Transcendence", focused on connecting and transferring a human's consciousness onto a specially-designed supercomputer. Mai, just like her father, had a high IQ at young age, and was early on put under tutelage by the world-renowned scientist, Professor Arthur Charles Haedas, alongside another, highly gifted young girl, Celina Brighton. Mai was always fascinated by Ms. Brighton, something that would later on develop into an obsession as her admiration reached critical levels.

During the time the two studied together, their parents took up the plans of the canceled Transcendence, and continued to search for ways to get it to work. It wasn't until Mai and Celina found the plans and spotted a minor error that had been omitted by all the older scientists, that the project finally gained momentum again. The ability to use a supercomputer's processing power and a human's IQ, working in perfect tandem, would be a evolutionary step for mankind, being able to properly estimate a situation and process a list of actions to take in response. One would, in theory, be able to avoid wars and conflicts before they happen.

However, not everyone shared the same view on this project. And it didn't take long before some drastic measures were taken to stop the development of this project for good. While returning from the convention where they showcased the basic idea and their breakthrough of former barriers, the car of the Takamuras was hit repeatedly by a black van, until it was thrown off the road and crashed down the mountainside. Both Sai and Chou Takamura died in the incident.

Years passed during which Mai helped the development of Transcendence, but eventually stopped when the remaining lead scientist of the project and Celina's father, suffered a mental breakdown after his wife was brutally murdered in broad daylight. The killer escaped, leaving a trail of dead bodies in his wake, and leaving Mai's friend without her dear mother. Dr. Brighton himself became introverted after the event, rarely leaving his compound in the outskirts of New York City, which he started to upgrade with obsessively powerful defensive mechanisms to ensure the safety of what was left of his family, even inviting his brother and the latter's family to live with him in the security of the compound.
Mai lived with them for a few more years, until Celina started meeting other girls and boys of her age, and Mai's obsession became apparent to herself. She couldn't endure watching Celina with other people, and decided to leave the compound and live somewhere else, to clear her mind, at the very least. She traveled the world for a year, then settled down in Japan, where she lived relatively peaceful for an entire year, before news of a drug affecting people in strange ways reached her. Having studied bio-engineering, she was soon contacted by none other than Celina, pleading Mai to join her group to find a cure to the virus.

Working together with some of the brightest minds, Mai helped to develop the cure over the course of the following months. During her research, she was contacted by a scientist she had actually never heard from, who said had found the way to immunize and strengthen the gene strain responsible for the mutation happening in people, and was offering her the template from which she could work further. After reviewing the sample, she showed it to Celina and the others, and together they adapted their current code and grafted it onto the template. After a few more refining runs, the cure was proving to be a success, and ready for the distribution. Not wanting to take any credit in the cure's creation, she asked Celina to not mention her involvement, which in the end, unbeknownst to anyone, saved her life. The same day that the cure was deployed world-wide, the entire research team was killed by the virus itself, being forcefully turned during the exposition and killed by their own security personal as the man responsible for it escaped unscathed.

Mai once more felt like her world crumbled all around her. She lost both her best friend and her former teacher, the last few in her personal circle that had given her support over the years. Mai observed as Dr. Brighton sealed Celina's body inside a cryogenic freezing chamber aside one very similar one. Upon gazing at the body of Celina's deceased mother, it dawned on her that the man who killed her was the same one responsible for the viral infection and the killing of Celina and the others. With Dr. Brighton locking himself up inside the inner chambers of his secret lab area, and his brother being abroad, Mai took command of the Brighton compound, hoping to track down the man that had taken away her loved one.

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