(For Apris) Kantai 2

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(For Apris) Kantai 2

Post  Karthusin on Fri Dec 04, 2015 9:26 pm

List of Teitoku Karthusin's ships:

- Bismarck
- Nagato ( Second-in-command )
- Mutsu 
- Fuso ( Wife )
- Kongo
- Hiei
- Haruna 
- Kirishima

- Kiso
- Ooi 
- Kitakami ( Anime/Manga enthusiast )
- Isuzu ( Submarine killer )

- Kako
- Furutaka
- Aoba
- Kinugasa
- Myoko
- Ashigara 
- Nachi
- Haguro 
- Mogami 
- Mikuma
- Suzuya
- Kumano
- Tone
- Agano
- Yahagi

- Ryuujou 
- Chitose 
- Chiyoda
- Ryuuhou/Taigei 

- Akagi
- Souryuu
- Hiryuu
- Graf Zeppelin 

- Amatsukaze
- Shimakaze
- Kagerou
- Nowaki 
- Maikaze
- Z1 Leberecht Maass 
- Z3 Max Schultz 
- Yuudachi
- Shigure 
- Kawakaze 
- Hatsushimo 
- Wakaba
- Isonami
- Miyuki
- Fubuki
- Murakumo
- Hatsuyuki
- Shirayuki
- Shikinami 
- Uzuki
- Akizuki

- I-19
- I-401
- I-8

- Akitsu Maru
- Maru-yu
- Kashima

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Re: (For Apris) Kantai 2

Post  Karthusin on Sun May 15, 2016 4:43 am

Name: Kanesada?
Occupation: Commander of the primary naval base, heavy fleet focus.
Height: 1m80cm
Weight: 68kg

Summary: History and service record unknown, another strange occurrence of somebody who just popped out of thin air unannounced, with just the right set of skills to operate the base after the previous commander perished. Since then, he's been considered the chief of operations on that flank, preferring a focus on heavier fleets that include battleships, cruisers and carriers, with less of a focus on destroyers. Overall a well-received man by his fleet, married to battleship Fuso.


Name: Kaho Tanegashima
Occupation: Last year high school student doing practical work, assistant Admiral
Height: 1m67cm
Weight: 55kg

Summary: A girl from Aomori province, with nothing to really set her apart from others other than the fact that she's lived in the countryside for the vast majority of her life among her grandparents due to her parents' work. Her, grandfather, being a veteran of the war, sparked her interest and as such she's been following current happenings. Eventually she decided that she wants her last year's course of practice work to be under an experienced admiral, and has been assigned to Kanesada, who's currently tasked with a defensive campaign across the coastlines.

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