The TOS travel RP: Moving onwards

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The TOS travel RP: Moving onwards

Post  Berserker on Tue Jul 21, 2015 3:13 am

Because of difficulties with mismatching timeframes and highly variable interest, I'm interested in trying out alternatives for making the travel RP's narrative move onwards. My prime suggestion is to make it a hybrid varying between forum and chat room RP, where chat rooms can take the big-shot, plot-heavy events, while the forum can take small side adventures in between those times when the stars align and chat room sessions become possible. The goal is to keep people "in" the setting and provide some more entertainment to those who want RP more often, while those who don't want to RP all the time can join up for chat room events. Bit inverse to what's normal elsewhere, in other words.

I'd like to hear what you others think about this idea. If anyone have some questions regarding such a change, ask me.

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