Maya Campbell (Serendipity)

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Maya Campbell (Serendipity)

Post  Homu on Sun May 03, 2015 5:25 am

Name: Maya Campbell

Nexus Account Name: <>

Talkhouse Account Name: <>

Hussle Account Name: <>

Birthday: May 2nd 2033

Age: 19

Height: 158cm

Weight: 46kg

Nationality: Australian/Japanese/American

Race: Human

Hair & Eye Color: Lavender or something


Residency:  Residency block in the Silverheart District

The ability known as "End Killer", the power to see the "end" of anything in existence. As long as it exists and has a "starting point", everything will also have an "ending point". The power mostly affects the eyes and the receptors that connect it to the brain, causing the user to enter a state of simulated "time slow" whenever the power is employed. This "time slow" cannot be employed unless using the power. Points of "end" are then actualized upon the target, depending on the type of thing it is. They usually appear as vague dots, but becoming attuned to the power allows the user to see clearer lines and marks. Contact with this lines is metaphysical, and will "sever" them. For instance, the dots in the arm of a human being can be touched to destroy the nerves completely, bringing them to their "ending point". However, a user can train themselves to "ease" the touch and only deal severe damage to such things rather than outright destroy them. With these lines and dots, it is possible to "end" anything in existence. Even concepts. The power as a whole can be summarized as various types of extreme time manipulation melded into one genome.

Items: Top of the line PDA Cellphone Hybrid, Keys, Wallet with cards.

Appearance/Image: She's a little short and petite. Nice slender legs. the rest doesn't stand out, mostly due to her clothing. She seems to favor looking downwards over upwards. Giving her a certain mood, reinforced by her stare. The glasses make it look harsher than it really is.

Personality Traits: Calm, a girl of few words, or so it seems.

Background: From Australia. Family is Jack Campbell and [Redacted]. Grandfather is Dr.Campbell, a Robotics Specialist from 30+ years ago, being very old now and likely no longer in the business.

Hobbies & Talents:

Trivia: A distinctly feminine voice, she speaks in a relatively monotone manner making her seem slightly boyish. There is usually not much weight put on emotions, but she does not sound void of them, and therefore not unpleasant.

Favorite Food: Never sure
Favorite Drink: Sprite
Favorite Animal: Big Whales and Elephants
Favorite Music: Electronic
Favorite Color: Doesn't even know

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