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Homu Character Profiles

Post  Homu on Mon Sep 19, 2011 12:49 pm

Name: Tadako Okimoto
Age: 21
Eyecolor: Brown
Haircolor: Black
Height: 175
Personality traits: Introspective, thoughtful, intellectual
Way of acting: Generally blends into the background of most situations, doesn't engage in much conversation.
Takado Okimoto, a tall thin girl who excells in atheletics, she's pretty smart and studies when she's not playing on her computer or training in martial arts with grandpa. She wears geeky glasses but is actually pretty cute. she has a beauty mark on her left cheek below her eye. She's pretty stotic in her expression and her daily attitude. She's pretty reclusive when not around people she knows.

Name: Cai Rin Sanagi
Age: 20
Height: 178
Eyecolor: Dark Brown
Haircolor: Black
Personality traits: Smarmy, possible jerkass facade, friendly only to certain friends such as Scott.
Way of acting: Sarcastic, tends to troll people for amusement when bored.

Name: Alexis Ponton
Age: 21
Eyecolor: Dark brown/Black
haircolor: Black
Height: 156
Personality traits: Serious, Calm and collected
Way of acting: Isn't that the same?
Hobbies: Coin collecting, Movies, Cycling, Pool/Snooker/whateveritscalled

Name: Violet Mayflower
Age: 26
Height: 180
Eyecolor: Red
Haircolor: Pink
Personality traits: Suggestive, apparently polite, maybe psycho.
Way of acting: Sweet and innocent, dropping hints of possible true nature.

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