Response times in RP

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Response times in RP

Post  Berserker on Sun Jul 20, 2014 12:35 am

Response times and multitasking are ever issues in RP. I'd like to bring this to everyone's attention.

On occasion, people stop responding properly while we RP. They might take 3 or 4 minutes to deliver a simple line that might not even fit the situation. This has been recurring time and again, and I have sufficient evidence it's due to people multitasking while RPing.

Some multitasking might have to happen, such as people getting phone calls in the middle of an RP, or other RPers writing RP-related issues on Steam, in order to clear up misunderstandings. Answering people talking to you is fine in general. That kind of thing has to be expected, and a little bit of multitasking has to be accepted on occasion.

What bothers me, and other RPers, is when multitasking seems to keep lasting for much longer than necessary, and no warning is given about it. Multitasking that's neither necessary (as opposed to answering phone calls or going to the bathroom) nor relevant to RP (watching YouTube videos about miniature giant space hamsters) should not occur while RPing. It has the potential to ruin RP for others, and is especially rude to the GM, who's working his metaphorical ass off to run the RP.

If you're expecting distractions of some kind while we RP, let others know.

I hope everyone thinks a bit about themselves and their habits while RPing. If you multitask while RPing and it delays your posts, and/or lowers the quality of these, you are wasting others' time and ruining their immersion. This has happened and been brought up several times, and I finally see no option but to bring it up here. Hopefully people will take it more seriously when addressed in a forum post.

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