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Eris Weaver

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File: Eris Weaver

Name: Eris
Surname: Weaver
Other Names: Eris Ferro
Date of Birth: March 20th
Age: 20
Height: 164cm
Weight: 54kg
Nationality: Italian
Skintone: Light
Haircolor: Red
Eyecolor: Blue

Madeline Ferro Rosenburg (mother, unknown)
Fabrizio Ferro (father, unknown)
Diana D'Angelo (adoptive mother, deceased)
Hugo D'Angelo (adoptive father, deceased)
Saphiro Weaver (adoptive mother)

Medical Record:
Kugelberg-Welander disease (SMA type 3)

Occupation: Schoolgirl
Hobbies: Videogames, Drawing, Photoshooting


Born and raised until age 3 in Siracusa, Sicily, Italy. Later given into adoption as parents were unable to sustain the 3 of them due to low income. Adopted by the D'Angelo family. The D'Angelo were a two journalists focusing on hunger- and war-struck countries, and had Eris travel with them to various countries. The two parents were later challenged by the mother's brother, concerned about the child's safety in these dangerous locations, and requesting to have the child in a safer, permanent location, but to no avail. Several years passed until the 3 traveled to [censored] where a local warlord had been oppressing the population for months without anybody taking actions. Seeing this as a prime chance to get the leaders of other countries to take action and help the suffering people, they went straight into the warzone, to report the exact circumstances by questioning the locals.
Fate however was against them, and when the various world's nations send in troops to neutralize the warlord's presence, all hell broke lose around them.
During one night, as US Rangers had the nearby zones taken and pressed forward, the warlord's troops became desperate, killing, raping and pillaging wherever they had a chance. It was no different for the D'Angelos. During the night, soldiers entered their household, killing Hugo D'Angelo and raping the two females. Diana D'Angelo struggled to resist the aggressor, and was stabbed to death in the process. The screams alerted nearby US Rangers, who under cover of the night came rushing into the house, to find the soldiers as they were still taking advantage of the late Diana and her adoptive daughter. One of the Rangers, Sgt. Andrew Stryker, quickly bested the soldiers in melee combat, to not endanger the scared girl in a gunfight. The two rangers took Eris with them, carrying her towards their current forward base inside the besieged city.
On their way, they were shocked as they ran into an enemy armored unit, with several tanks blocking the way. However, much to their surprise, they witnessed as a small black-haired girl came walking out of a house, and as enemy soldiers shouted at her and aimed their guns, she smiled in a very creepy fashion. Only moments later, the tanks were starting to float in midair, and were crushed and thrown around by some invisible force, slamming into walls and cutting people down in their path. The rangers remained in a safe location until the massacre was over, and the girl remained standing in her spot, smiling towards Eris and the Rangers, before skipping back into the house she came out of.
Upon arrival at their small base, Eris was taken care of by the team's sniper, a female ranger by the name of Cpl. Saphiro Weaver.
Upon dawn, Warlord's forces were even more vicious, and launched surprise strikes against the Rangers' armored column, taking it out completely, leaving no vehicle in operable condition and cutting off their way home in the process.
Knowing they had limited resources, the team's leader, Cpt. Vincent DuGalle requested immediate backup and extraction for the civilians they had so far rounded up in the now-ruined city.
As they made their last stand in their fortified position, during which the warlord's troops shelled the surrounding area and pinned them down with suppressive fire, the backup arrived from the air: several agile and heavily armored attack helicopters came out of what seemed nowhere, striking with such precision that the enemy attack force was wiped out in what seemed like only a minute to the people on the ground.
Shock filled the surviving Rangers when they were told that the backup for the ground operation was a single commando, which was one of their acquaintances. Orders had changed, and the 3 of them, together with the survivors, were ordered to extract immediately. Despite protest, the rangers left with the helicopters and were returned to the airport, where they were officially dismissed from service and told that any mention of the operation would be severely punished. It dawned to them that they hit on something that was bigger than just a warlord, but they would never find out what, nor be able to speak about it.
On their trip back towards the states, Saphiro decided that she would take care of Eris, and adopt her in case they cannot inquire her about possible relatives. Eris didn't understand English aside some chunks she heard her parents say, and a translator was needed. After arriving at the La Guardia airport, Eris, Saphiro and remaining ex-rangers Vincent and Andrew witnessed as airport security chased a young, dark-skinned girl, wearing ragged and blood-covered clothing, around an airplane's landing gear, before the girl stumblingly outmaneuvered them and came running into their direction, hoping to get out of visible range of the officers.
Saphiro intercepted the girl, grabbing her as she ran past. The girl struggled heavily, and from the widely opened eyes, facial expression and her body's condition, it was clear to the group that she had gone through something terrible and approaching her would be difficult. Eris, however, was straightforward enough to walk to the girl, and without thinking about it, simply hug her firmly. It seemed enough to calm her for the time being.
While the adults managed the airport security and getting the young girl they found out of trouble, Eris tried her best to interact with her in some way. She realized the girl wouldn't talk, not knowing what effects PST had on a person, and kept nudging her into telling the girl to at least give her name. However, the girl remained silent, and Eris simply smiled at her and decided to give her a name then. While she tapped the girl's chest with a finger, she repeatedly called her by her new name. Kelia.
After a medical checkup and some paperwork, Saphiro ended up officially adopting the two, and with some financial help from her friends and comrades, she managed to buy a small house in the New York Suburbs, where she settled down and found herself a job, while finding some good private teachers to learn the girls English and the basics needed to join a normal school.
Eris would later meet Celina Brighton over the internet, and becoming best friends over time, before meeting Carry Burroughs and other locals. As time passed, Eris' toes slowly turned numb, and upon medical examination, she was confirmed to have spinal muscular atrophy, but never told the extent this could have one day. As more time passed, the two girls were finally able to join a local school, in which they would make a lot more friends.

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