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Sena and Riko Background thingy

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Riko and Sena and their brother are part of a wealthy industry family. They had no trouble getting along. Also older brother.
They went to private school, and got all kinds of fancy toys. Sena once got a telescope to watch the moon and such. With Riko.
Their older brother was raised to follow his father's footsteps as the successor of the family company.
They had a big room with amazingly awesome beds, and a nice TV with lots of programs and CHILD SAFETY so that their purity is not ENDANGERED.
One day Sena saw some kind of War Documentary that her older brother watched, which didn't interest her much and he quickly changed channel when it was about to show dead soldiers.
She sometimes got talked into playing board games and the like by her older brother, and she ended up being good at planning moves in card games or RISK.
Riko and Big Brother tried alcohol and liked it, Sena didn't like it, and tried to be mature and reasonable and will never develop a drinking habit.
Also because she gets even weirder when drunk. Gradual transition to TEEN AGE.

More private schooling. Sena got interested in Astronomy, learned some basic Computer and Internet stuff, and developed an interest for plastic models you glue together.
Riko went through the same program but discovered the internet. With a broad new world to explore, she lost interest in all the boring and seemingly dull programs her family wants to put her through. Their brother moved out to live on his own. He still follows the path of the successor of the company, but lives life at his own place to become more mature. As the main mansion is filled with butlers, maids and a potential lazy life style.

Riko saw her brother's new location as an escape and followed suit. At her brother's place she could eat and drink whatever she wanted and felt free.

It was around this time that Kuronuma Trading Enterprises bought up Kotowari Trading Enterprises.

Riko moved to their brother. Sena lives where she always lived, and visited Riko, even entering her school briefly.
The next school year, when Riko got to second year, Sena left the school again, and went on to do her own things.
Likely studying about what it means to lead such a corporation. She occasionally visits <city where Yuno takes place

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