Lady Ethrin of Inglac's Valley

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Lady Ethrin of Inglac's Valley

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Full name and title: Lady Ethrin Faldrod
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Occupation: Lord of Inglac's Valley in Greyvale
Residence: Rendrell Fortress
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 59 kg


The picture shows Lady Ethrin in her ceremonial armour; while the armour plates are fully functional, her equipment gives her little protection in battle. Its purpose is to give her a stately appearance when addressing her vassals and lords alike.

Lady Ethrin is young, for someone in her position. Her late father, Lord Aigil Faldrod, was the descendant of Inglac's past rulers, whereas her mother, Lady Ghilanne Thyel, is the sister of Lord Forlain, ruler of Stonevale. Not too long ago, Lord Aigil died while out on a hunt south of Adrila. Normally, his duties would fall to his wife, Lady Ghilanne, but as Lady Ghilanne's vanity more often than not conflicted with Lord Aigil's concern for the people, the two never truly got along, and so Lord Aigil's will gave his title and power to Lady Ethrin, rather than to Lady Ghilanne.

As a result of this, Ethrin has been thrown into a position she personally feels too young to handle. Her mother has grown to resent her for stealing her father's favour, as it were, and while Inglac's Valley only borders on Orbush territory, the wilderness is proving to be quite an obstacle for her. Many of the valley's roads have fallen into disrepair, the remaining ones are preyed upon by highwaymen, and to top it off, the very cellar of Rendrell Castle has been occupied by oversized rats. Lady Ethrin finds herself in a quite difficult position, indeed.

Not that the lady doesn't try her best. She is spending her funds on hiring orders of knights to rout the highwaymen preying on the main roads, as well as making preparations to better withstand the spring floods from the Dimberg brooks the coming year. She has also imposed a small tax on merchants travelling on the roads, so that upkeep is easier. She holds her people's best interests near, and has grown up from a spoiled child into a responsible young woman. She is quite fond of long walks on the road and moonrise over the woods.

Lady Ethrin, in the case she actually has to fight, wears a heavier version of her ceremonial armour, covering her entire chest and much of her legs as well. She prefers a lance or a spear as her primary weapon, depending on whether she is on horseback or on foot, and carries an arming sword as a reserve.

Unskilled in the use of magic, Ethrin's magical skill only manifests as an occasional sense of discomfort coming over her enemy. She does not retain control over it, and it triggers when she is stressed or tired.

-Proud of her accomplishments
-Notoriously stubborn
-Mildly claustrophobic
-Struggles with motivation some days

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