Lord Forlain Thyel of Stonevale

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Lord Forlain Thyel of Stonevale

Post  Berserker on Wed Jun 18, 2014 7:24 am

Name: Forlain Thyel
Age: 41
Gender: Male
Occupation: Lord
Residence: Stonevale Manor, Greyvale
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 93 kg, no armour

Personality and history:
As proud as Forlain is, you would think he has some complexes; this is absolutely possible. He is the first knight in Greyvale outside of the Second Company to earn a status as lord through prowess in battle. He has been given a plot of land in Stonevale, not too far from Misty Pass, where he has built a manor. In addition, as a lord, he is granted sovereignty over both Stonevale and the Misty Pass, as well as all military units of Greyvale stationed there; this, in essence, makes him the man responsible for organising the defence of all of Greyvale, and that is a tremendous honour. He allows himself some pride with this position. However, while proud, he understands the need to keep those he rules pleased, and so long as no one has the gall to insult his plans for the region, he is a tolerable person, at the very least. He is, however, unpleasantly quick to anger, and it takes some particular effort for him to consider someone redeemed.

Arms and armour:
Bastard sword of fine make, gilded Adrilan platemail

Magic affinity: Forlain is a capable warrior in addition to being a lord, and though his magical abilities are barely developed, he gives off an invigorating and ever-slightly commanding aura.

Traits and flaws:
-A good speaker, with a sharp tongue
-Generally considered a skillful tactician and strategist
-Does not like being spoken against

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