[Encounter] Alsh'og Harassh'ka

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[Encounter] Alsh'og Harassh'ka

Post  Karthusin on Mon Jun 02, 2014 12:27 am


Description: Vashkin belief is that the vast sea leading towards the Surreal Island is host of a godlike being, named Alsh'og. Although universally worshipped by the sentient race, Elthernian and Ivellean records have far less pleasant records of the monstrosity. Although encounters with it have been scarce, the creature has been said to distort the thoughts of just about any magical practitioner on ships far before the ship crew have been able to spot this. More dangerous have been the encounters when the monster -had- been spotted however.

Described by sailors as a writhing mass of speculative muscle and tendrils, the most noteworthy thing about its appearance has been the bone-like shell covering parts of its exterior, namely what appeared to be the head and shoulders. It reportedly had multiple arms with numerous fingers, some more, some less. Alsh'og is reported to have been about as big, if not more so than the largest ships constructed in the Old World, thus very easily able to crush anything from fishing boats to flotilla vessels, which has oftentimes been its goal once spotted above the water surface. Whilst it hasn't appeared to be feeding, Ivellea speculates that the weakened state of surviving wizards has led to their power being sapped by sheer proximity, and as such are advised to abort any tasks if they begin to feel the symptoms, which are believed to be:
- Steadily-growing headache
- Nausea
- Inability to sleep
- Inability to focus
- Irrational fear
- Uncontrolled use of magical abilities

Operations to slay the creature have been carried out with no success, both on behalf of pirates harassed by it and organized fleets, namely those of Orgonian soldiers, using magical wards to lure it out. 

Vashkin, whilst never addressing these accusations directly, are suspected to play a part in disrupting the task forces.

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