Past the coastline

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Past the coastline

Post  Karthusin on Mon May 26, 2014 2:22 am

Past the coastline, the vegetation of the island becomes considerably thicker. There are few defined pathways and it is easy to get lost in. However, it is no forest, rather the excessive moisture remains and the further you get into the vegetation, the more boggy it becomes with watery sinkholes. The marshland begins to overtake the environment. Normal at first, it houses a variety of creatures, fitting that specific area. There are few registered predators, capable of providing problems for humanoids, other than the land itself. A number of large parasites seem to house themselves on some of the trees, using them as their life source, but they appear largely immobile and have no interest in interacting with anything other than said trees.


However, the more one gets into it, the more they discover, with unique plantlife, eternal trees that reach far into the sky, roots of which can even provide shelter in how large they appear. On occasion, a path might even be blocked off by a giant tree having fallen over. The moisture is no less frequent, however, and this plays a part in being a natural hazard in it's own, should one wander into deep vegetation that they might find difficult to cut through. Silhouettes of creatures can be spotted, larger in size to the ones before. Many appear to be insect-like, but it's not to say that there are no other wanderers among them. Birds appear a rarity, atleast on ground-level.


However, past all of this, things begin to clear out. In a different way than one might expect. Unnatural formations begin to appear all over the ground, seemingly of stone. The water level begins to rise unnaturally, with spirit-like creatures orbiting the stones. They lack a physical body. Stretches of ground are visible and passable, however there is swimming involved. Luckily the waters appear to be, for the most part, clear of anything other than smaller fish. 


Once past this expanse, the water begins to trim down and lead up to a different section of the island, through an expansive forestland. This ascend is only present in one part of the unnatural marshland, however. Others appear to lead to further coastlines or jagged mountain formations that are largely unpassable, unless one sprouts wings and flies. Certain predators may linger here and there.

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