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Location, general information

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Location: Well known, away from the West Coast of the Old World. An island, shrouded in mist, with frequently changing weather. Some claim that they have even witnessed a firestorm. Typically shrouded by mist, however, it is also what draws many adventurers towards it. 

Further information: 

-A group of fishermen report that, while coming in proximity to the island, the waters had risen violently and they could make out shapes. Their boat was thrust away by the waters, the men having barely managed to hold onto it and gain distance again.

-A party of historians and relic hunters report, that while on the coast, something did not feel right. The chief historian, hailing from Ivellea, experienced in the ways of magic, claims that he felt as if power surged through him, as if the magical energy of this place was unleashed, with nothing holding it back. Eager to continue the expedition, he lost a number of his men before he can get off the far-stretching coastline of the island to ''something unknown and unseen''. The expedition was called off shortly after.

-Numbers of individual travellers felt like they needed to end their adventures, by exploring the unexplored. Few have returned, and the fates of others remain unknown.
  -A journal from one of these travellers reads: "After a fierce battle with the winds and waters, I finally managed to dock my boat. Pulled it quickly offshore, and made sure to secure it as best as I could before the sea could swallow it back in. Immediately I felt this sort of relief. Almost as if nothing was holding me back. However, it didn't last for long. The dark clouds in the sky were brewing up a storm, and I had to set my camp. Whilst doing so, however, the raindrops began pouring down. As they did, I began to see images in the distance, as if closing in on me. They were shrouded in mist, with their forms appearing humanoid, yet at the same time... They just felt unnatural. I had to get out of there, I knew I did. I left the tent where it was and just ran straight back to my boat. I dragged it away as quick as possible, without looking back, then mounted it and began to quickly row away from the coast. Looking back, I merely saw the mist dissipating, along with the ghostly apparitions.'' This is the only information disclosed to the public. The journal is kept hidden by Ivellean historians.

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