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Trinity Hargreave

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Name: Trinity Hargreave

Birthday: 15th October

Age: 21

Hair & Eye Color: Purple-Blue hair with Purple eyes (can vary depending on lighting, becomes more pinkish in summer and more bluish in winter)

Occupation: Photographer/Receptionist

She has acquired a telekinetic ability that allows her to push objects along any kind of values that she designates in her mind. She can do this across multiple areas, which allows her to perform impressive feats such as compressing air into dense "bombs", or "pushing" light particles through a concentrated area to form an effective laser beam. She can mimick ordinary telekinesis by lifting objects up; however, this type of process is a lot more difficult to calculate, especially if she hasn't used it on the type of object beforehand.

Clothing: White hoodie jumper with a turquoise vest underneath, dark purple skirt and leggings that end at the knees, turquoise sneakers with white details. Wears sport socks that aren't visible with sneakers on.

After 2 years, she has changed her wardrobe. Her usual attire consists of a grey sweat-shirt under a blazer, making her look similar to a student. She usually wears a skirt that matches the blazer in this attire. In a more casual tone, she wears a long-sleeved shirt with white and grey stripes, along with grey jeans. In both attires, she wears black shoes.

Items: A professional camera with changable lens. She still occasionally carries a stun-gun and various other gadgets in her undergarments.

Personality: She is hyper-active to a degree. When she isn't taking a power-nap, she is active at all times. It is rare to see her sit still and do nothing, but she knows how to contain her energy when sitting down with someone else in conversations. Because of the fact that she rarely sleeps for long times, she at times tends to be quite cranky, becoming a rude, impatient person with a short fuse. After a coffee or two, however, she gets over this negative attitude and resumes her energetic facade.

She's a kind person overall. She doesn't mind making new friends and meeting new people, but because of the way she thinks and acts, most people she encounters are one-timers only. People who do get to know her will be swamped with the amount of stories and theories that she comes up with from her ventures around the city and internet. She loves to talk, and she likes to pick random topics in conversation to not only keep it going, but to also study the reactions of the other person to the sudden change in pace. She likes analyzing other people secretly through the way they talk, not to the extent that she is an expert at word-reading, but good enough to create her own deductions on the kind of person people are (though this is easily prone to being flawed by people who can act well).

She is masterful at keeping secrets, and would take a heavy amount of interrogation to even utter a hint of the secrets she may have stored. In accordance with this, she is slightly paranoid. When a situation arises, she may draw out a conclusion in her head from studying the things happening around her, but not reveal it until someone else states their view to prove them wrong. She's competitive like that and always likes to win against people, but doesn't mind losing either; she calls it a learning experience.

Her tone can be slightly intrusive in some peoples eyes, but this is due to her journalist nature. She tends to exaggerate her reactions to a lot of things, especially fear and excitement. She is head-strong and stubborn as well; she is the kind of person who acts before they think when excitement sets in, but the rest of the time she thinks a lot before acting. Because of this, she tends to end up in a lot of threatening dilemmas that have developed a more insecure side within her, causing her to instinctively carry a tazer around on her person. If she is attacked, dodges an attack, or even tapped on the shoulder from behind, she would attempt to stun the offender, no matter who they are. She is not one to back down, and would continue to pursue something she believed in even if all the options seem to be false and dead. For a normal person, she has a surprising amount of willpower.

When she does admire someone, she respects them deeply. She would devote herself to do a lot of things for those she admires, even if it put her life on the line. While she seems to ignore being sociable, she is a generally lonely person who, once she gets to know someone, will cling to them (not literally). She doesn't realize it herself, but if it is pointed out to her she tends to become quiet and isolated, in contrast to her usual bubbly personality. But she can get over it quickly. Because of past experiences, in terms of love, she doesn't think about it at all. This sometimes gives off the wrong impression and makes her seem to be an insensitive person. She does show sympathy for others, but she has trouble in trying to display that she cares, often saying the wrong things. Her journalist attitude also makes people wary about talking about problems with her, which is why she isn't used to it.

Following the timeskip, Trinity has become more mature with dropping her paranoia of many things, but at the same time as become a more jittery and hyperactive individual, often coming out with outbursts of dialogue about trivial matters and doing seemingly pointless things. She is also extremely optimistic, much moreso than before.

Pre Time Skip

Post Time Skip

History: Trinity lived with her parents all her life until the age of 12 in your average USA family. Her father was British and her mother native to Michigan, which is where they lived. When she turned 12, her parents split up but didn't legally divorce, for they still saw each other, but became more like a normal couple than a married couple. Because of this, she became accustomed to not being able to settle in one place for too long, for she was moved between the parent's houses each week, which noticeably crippled her academic side. At 14, she got a first job as a waitress in a cafe in the hours after school and on weekends. However, her mother soon died to cancer, and her father disappeared. She was taken in by her uncle, Derik Hargreave, in Pennsylvania. Here she quietly lived with her uncle.

Derik Hargreave, aka Professor Drayban Barclay, conducted research and experiments regarding cybernetic and genetic augmentations to the human body, as well as other studies around that area. Trinity was exposed to a lot of the things he studied, in the form of "beliefs" rather than actual facts. This is where her inquisitive nature had set in, for she often inquired about the work Barclay practiced in. He explained the secrecy of his work and how others wouldn't accept it, and this made Trinity suspicious of authority forces, most especially the government and law enforcement. Even if she didn't understand the mechanics, she held an undying interest in what Barclay researched.

When she turned 16, she finally took part in one of Barclay's experiments; as the test subject. He began his first cybernetics experiment on her, attempting to implant a node into her brain that would allow her to tap her thinking into different kinds of sound channels and frequencies. However, his experience and data was slightly flawed, and he had to stop his work half way through the surgery. Because he was not a professional surgeon, the process in which he had opened Trinity's head up had left her with slight mental damage, in the form of social disorder. However, she seemed healthy enough, so he said the experiment was a success and let her return to normal life. However, soon an assassin disguised as law enforcement broke into the mansion and attempted to murder Barclay. Trinity became traumatized by this scene that she sat through and became a wary person around government plots, which essentially sparked off her conspiracy hunter mind-set. Barclay indeed was murdered as she fled.

With her uncle presumed dead, she took off to New York on her own, to start off her own life. However, weeks after she did, it turned out that her uncle had recovered from a comatose and returned to his mansion. She said she would visit, but not move back in. She never knew about the true story behind the assault.[/spoiler]

Upon turning 17, she had settled in New York, and joined a university of law. However, she had become well entwined with conspiracy theories and "the truth", and so she often veered off course from assignments she was tasked to do, to the point that she was deemed a lazy worker and dropped from the university. However, since she accepted the terms, there was little issue in her dropping. However, the university took the full payment that her parents left her, leaving her almost broke in the Big Apple. She received adequate financial aid from her uncle, but it wasn't sufficient enough to get her own lodging. Instead, she worked as a part-time waitress in an Italian restaurant to pay for the rent of a room above it.

She only did this for a couple of months before she met her first love; Gideon Church. Almost immediately, she quit the job and moved in with her new boyfriend, who was quite financially stable. She overall enjoyed the relationship, but she didn't know if she was truly in love with the guy, or instead in love with the new experience. Nonetheless, this lasted around 9 months, in which the two of them had become close (but not exactly intimate). However, a shocking secret soon shattered the happiness for both of them. Gideon turned out to have a psychic power; a very potent one that involves playing upon people's beliefs. When she found out and he explained, she broke the illusion and turned out to find Gideon disgusting and dishonest. This enraged him and he attacked her, brutally assaulting and almost raping her. However, before he went too far, the cops burst in. He attempted escape by jumping out of the window. He was presumed dead, but because of the nature of his power, was labelled as MIA. Trinity recovered in a hospital for the next few weeks, and was granted custody of Gideon's abandoned apartment.[/spoiler]

She moved into the new apartment without hesitation, and has resided in there for a while.

During the 2 years of the time-skip, a freak elevator accident had caused Trinity's right arm to become damaged beyond repair. Rather than seek treatment from hospitals, however, she enlisted the aid of her uncle Barclay. His latest experiment on her was a success, and she spent the following 6 months getting used to her new cybernetic right arm. However, due to circumstances in the world at the time, she was told to keep news of her arm being artificial low, and has done so till present.

After the 2 years, she still resides in apartments (albeit a different location than before) in NY city. She is primarily a photographer, but is also up for hire in various tasks, ranging from investigations to odd-jobs.

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