The Cheetahmen (or felinides)

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The Cheetahmen (or felinides)

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Felinides, also called cheetahmen, are a race of bipedal cat-like people, scarce in number, but often seen, thanks to their tendencies of travelling far and wide. They are agile, silent and quick in a fight, and while some of them suffer from moral bankrupcy, others are good and reliable friends and allies.

The felinides are moderately short-lived creatures, as they spend their lives considerably more active than a human. Their swift running, hunting and largely primitive way of life keeps them active at all times, and an average felinide lives for about 50 years, at which point it's time for him to bid his friends farewell.

They are almost seven feet tall of height and weigh between eighty and one hundred and twenty kilograms. Compared to humans, felinide are very fast, able to run close to fifty kilometers an hour; something they hardly do, as it strains their body incredibly, requiring them to rest a lot. They usually stay closer to thirty-thirtyfive when they run; the top speed of a fast human, but a good average running speed for a felinide.

Appearing very similar to the cheetahs of northern Crevethia, only bipedal and with human-like hands on their upper appendages, the felinide looks bestial and quite feral, without appearing overly aggressive.

Their bodies are very lithe and graceful. A matured felinide generally moves with long strides, even more prevalent when they run, as the felinide run with only one foot hitting the ground at all times, using their long lower legs to gain serious speed when compared with a human foot.

Unlike most other races, it is somewhat difficult to tell the difference between a male and a female felinide, if you're not one of them. As they generally wear clothes on their chests and loins at the very least, the most obvious identifying traits are hidden, leaving a human either guessing or waiting for it to be revealed naturally, be it through speech or action.

Males tend to stick together in groups, whereas the females prefer their own company. The male felinide tends to be quite sociable, though loners do exist, and most felinide males travel in small groups of two and three together, often using light and simple weapons like spears and bows. Females prefer staying by themselves, often avoiding other felinides altogether.They generally wear little clothing, as their homeland is rather warm and they are already covered in fur. When they travel outside their homeland to colder lands, they generally choose human clothing that doesn't fit too tightly.

Overall, felinides are usually rather asocial; they don't often converse with other people unless it furthers a goal of theirs, or situation demands it. They prefer having few and close friends rather than many associates all over the world, and a felinide will usually stay with his friends, journeying on with them. Generally, they don't settle down; rather, they spend their lives on the move, either alone or with trusted companions.

It is yet unclear when the felinides appeared for the first time. Those who know of them and their history simply state they have always been around, and so the felinides are usually left in the background, forgotten by other species when not dealing with them. Yet, one event was pivotal to their history, though more tied to the other races involved.
The single greatest event in felinide culture was when Chandeum expanded into Crevethia. The wide plains of Crevethia was a necessary step on the road north to the Whispered Plains, and Chandeum went about their conquest with little regard for Crevethia's inhabitants. Rhino Tribesmen, centaurs and felinides alike faced no mercy if they chose to fight. The stage was set for one of the most gruesome racial wars in centuries.

While the Rhino Tribes and the centaurs alike dedicated themselves to the gruesome war, uniting their tribal communities to find the numbers they needed, the felinides remained separated, their small groups doing their best to stay on the run. While they could move at great speed, they were nowhere near as strong and tough as the rhinos and centaurs. As Chandeum spread their forces throughout Crevethia, erecting outposts and fortresses in many locations, the felinides eventually found themselves cornered and separated, as Chandeum tightened the noose around them. Felinides were hunted for sport by Chandeum soldiers, and countless of their numbers were killed, the already distrusted race facing genocide as a consequence of their poor reputation. No tribesmen or centaur stood up in their defence.

As a result of this, the remaining felinides fled Crevethia. Only a few hundred of them remained, and a community already separated was spread out even further, as some travelled east to what later became Tyrica, others left south to the Whispered Plains, and yet others travelled west. Of these three, only those who travelled south found lands befitting their way of life, and the only ones whose descendants yet live. The felinides even today have not recovered from the mass slaughter, and rumour has it the felinides are slowly dying out.


Felinides are not very aggressive, and can get along with both humans, Xillidi and centaurs rather well; they often trade and become mercenary scouts and spies, as they can move both quietly and quickly. However, as felinides usually prefer their own company, they rarely form ties, and just as they show little loyalty to their employer beyond their contract, the employer rarely completely trusts a felinide.

On the occasion that a felinide's trust and good faith is earned, however, the felinide may be found to be a quite dependable friend, willing to defend his friends if situation demands so.

Felinide males tend to have names like Alessio, Flavio and Giovanni, while the females are given names like Marzia, Riccarda and Valeria. Their accent when speaking the common language is closely related to their naming tradition.

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