[Timeskip] Recap

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[Timeskip] Recap

Post  ScorpDK on Sun Aug 25, 2013 6:58 am

=Timeskip Recap=

-In Memories of the Fallen-
After the deployment of the counter-agent to the Subject-Virus and the loss of some of the world's leading scientist in chemistry, biology and gene-tech fields at the hands of the virus they were trying to eradicate, Mr. Silvers, now oficially designated as the culprit behind the rampant subject "plague", disappeared inside New York City.
Having analyzed and somewhat understood his motives, Carry Burroughs and members of her english family's secret service devised a plan to draw out and terminate the terrorist by putting herself as bait, with the erection of a monument in memories of the many scientists that saved mankind from being overrun by the monster-like creatures spawned by the virus. With the assistance of members of the police's special forces, the "White Knights", the secret service and some of her close friends, Carry set up an intricate plot that would make it impossible for Silvers to get a shot off from any angle without being spotted and taken out prior. The ceremony for the monument's reveal was to take place in Central Garden. Police forces would keep the ground levels in check, while the secret service would take up positions in tall buildings all around the area. Unsure about Silvers' exact plan, they would wait for unusual movements in one of the tall apartment buildings, upon which Kelia Weaver and several police officers under command of Vincent DuGalle would enter the building and stop the target from fleeing.

All said and done, the time drew closer, with the press conference and ceremony starting down at the central park. It was not long before scanners registered unusual activity, either. With Silvers' position confirmed, Kelia proceeded into the building via the roof, while the police immediately stormed the lower levels, blocking all exit routes. There would be no escape for the criminal this time. Upon reaching the location where the scanners picked up what appeared to be the assembled form of a sniper rifle, Kelia stared into the eyes of a man with a metal collar around his neck. The collar seemed like the man tried to remove it with several tools, injuring himself in the process. His eyes filled with fear, he held the sniper rifle he assembled together, paralyzed by seeing Kelia with her drawn blades. As he tried to beg for mercy, the entire building shook...

Down in the parking lot, several explosions violently tore away the foundation of the tall structure. Cars inside the underground garage exploded, flames bursting everywhere. The police officers tasked to guard the area never stood a chance, dying to either the explosions themselves or by the following flames that consumed their bodies. The entire building started to immediately groan like an injured animal, before the lower floors started to collapse onto themselves. One after another, the building descended into itself.

As the building came crashing down, chaos and confusion filled the entire zone. Carry was almost paralyzed in shock. She heard Kelia's voice over the com-link, before the feed was cut off, now she knew that her entire plan had failed. Silvers somehow did not enter any of the buildings she expected him to. Instead, he lured them into one in order to have them die inside of it. It then dawned on her what was going on. She didn't expect Silvers to go to such lengths, and as she stared into the dust, thrown up from the collapsing building, she could see the silhouette of another tall building just behind it. It was then that a familiar voice, one she shouldn't be hearing for knowing about the owner's demise, echoed through her com-channel, telling her to jump out of the way. Her reaction time affected by the shock, she jumped late. She could feel the insurmountable pain and the sensation of her body becoming lighter, as she saw her right arm detach violently from her body before she heard a ringing noise from a nearby explosion. Small metal fragments buried themselves into her torso and lower body. The large projectile was a fragmentation round that failed to hit her torso and tore her arm off, exploding only several feet away from her, rather than inside of her. Carry's body was thrown across and over the stage, landing on the ground behind it, where she started screaming loudly, her body twitching on the ground, unable to cope with the situation. Her personal escorts rushed towards her, desperately trying to stop the massive blood loss.

Meanwhile, Vincent DuGalle stared at the scenery, filled with shock, despair and rage. His entire squad, his friends for many years lost to such a low-blow tactic by Silvers. He was kneeling aside his smashed police car, his hands covered in blood and cut marks, having desperately tried to free Mina Winters, his squadmate, long-time friend and only recently the object of each others affection. During the initial explosions, his car, parked only short distance from the garage, was launched by the blast-wave, landing on its roof. While Vincent and Andrew tried to break open the car, they were forced back as a large piece of debris smashed the vehicle and ended the life of Lt. Winters. Stryker had run off to fetch a car for the two. Both had only one objective at the moment: Silvers. However, with all the chaos and the streets being blocked off, they were delayed too long and unable to reach Silvers before he could slip away.

A month passed; people still mourned the loss of their loved ones in the city of New York. The list of people that died inside of the collapsed apartment building was long, and finding all the bodies turned out to be quite the endeavor. Many people and organizations joined forces with the local authorities, yet even after everything was done, there were still bodies missing or too damaged to identify. However, one thing that was for sure: nobody inside the building had survived, dying a sudden, unexpected death.

Despite all the efforts done by the local news teams, no information on Carry Burroughs' health was being revealed, no matter what approach was used; her family keeping quiet about the incident as a whole. However, the event of her mansion being set up for sale only several months later did not come as positive news.

-Dawn of a New Age-

6 Months after the deployment of the CURE, reports of paranormal activity started spiking globally. The amount of power users grew rapidly in the following months, and it wasn't long before violence and crimes were committed by people with their new-found powers. The world rulers came together with various corporations and factions in order to come up with ways to combat and control these super-powered delinquents and keep the population content. With battle lines forming between those gifted with powers and those who have yet to attain them, the flames of hatred were sparking everywhere, commoners killing those who were "inhuman" among them, power-users retaliating for their lost friends, it became a tug-of-war as both sides would constantly try to dominate the other. Police unable to keep the peace and deal with superpowers, a new solution had to be found.
The "White Knights" approached the council, introducing themselves as the Templar Order, offered to be the peacekeepers, showing off their rather impressive technology that they had been working on even before superpowers became something of an everyday thing. Other factions offered to even the odds for the officers of the law, such as the Burroughs Concern of Europe, who offered their vast knowledge of robotics to support the various nations with improvements to their vehicles and personal armor.
It came to a clash among the various supporters, each with their own view on how to handle the situation. Some considering the superpowers to be an abominable mutation that has to be undone; others supporting the power users, while some others would believe that keeping a tight control over them is the only solution.

It took many months before the tension between those with and those without powers would stabilize. It took alot of political paperwork, speeches and petitions from both sides, but eventually the balance between the gifted and the commoners was found and both parties agreed on a cease-fire.

At long last, powers became something of a common display, with everyone accepting their existence and including them into their daily lives. It is now that our the flow of time returns to normal and people get to see exactly how much the world has changed, and if it was for the better or the worse; if the peaceful life people live is true or just a facade for what truly goes on behind the veil of uncertainty.

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