The Mission Board

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The Mission Board

Post  Homu on Mon Jul 29, 2013 10:24 am

Here's the idea behind this. Some of my characters are boring to RP. This is because I control too many of their aspects, including their faction superiors.
To remedy that, I'm making this thread, and listing up those who have nothing to do, or where no one plays their superior.
Any of you have the option to hand out a mission of some kind. I will list them here now, and possible ways on how they get missions.
Some of those are obvious, but I list it anyway for tidyness and completion.
List your characters too, if you would like others to design some tasks for them. Make sure to add who they likely get missions and orders from.
You can give the missions or orders here, with a reply post, or ingame during RP, or with an ingame mail, or otherwise ingame. Be creative?

Azula Sunfire: From Rhonin, Stormwind or Silvermoon. Or other creative ways.

Adala Silverblade: From those who seek her help, from the Sha'tar Leadership (A'dal etc). Stormwind in rarer cases. Silvermoon.

Apris: Scarlet High Command / Stormwind / Cathedral

Scantos Sunfire: From the leadership behind the Guards. From citizens.

Miranda: Undercity Leadership.

Kath: The Ebon Blade

Lord Manarius: the Burning Legion leadership

Canis: The Great Old Ones (indeed, that Faceless one is not for decoration)

Ambassador Palaneth: Silvermoon City/The Horde

Coriel Lakeradia: The Blood Knights Order / Horde

Cilina: Stormwind King/Concerned Citizens/Melris Malagan/That guy infront Stormwind Gate who is in the steamy romance novels / Red Dragonflight

Callistris: Mercenary Board. Three seperate accounts. One for her Demon Self (Callistris), one for Iva Goldencrown, and one for a Human alias (forgot name). Decide which one is hired , why, and what for.

Velinaria Cloudbreaker: Dragonhawk Rider Command/Silvermoon City

Morash Shatterfist: Orgrimmar Command

Cellesa: The Druid Council / Darnassus / Nature / Emerald Dream

Tolus: Adala/Exodar/Sha'tar/Alliance

Inteph'Ra the Infallible: The Scourge and ONLY The Scourge

Kelitha: Probably nobody. Ebon Blade maybe. Stormwind maybe. Favors.

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Re: The Mission Board

Post  Karthusin on Mon Jul 29, 2013 10:35 am

Torgarr: THE HORDE! Orgrimmar/Thunder Bluff/Darkspear Village/Warsong Hold

Mandy: Cult of the Forgotten Shadows/Silvermoon/Tranquillien


Omurtag: The Ebon Blade/Orgrimmar

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Re: The Mission Board

Post  Endless Witch Beatrice on Tue Jul 30, 2013 12:53 am

Amania: The Ebon Blade.

Tibalt: The Forsaken, to a degree.

Lindvia: Blood Knight Order. Currently sent to Northrend.

Daenis: Blood Knight Order.

Zerana: The Burning Legion.

Eos: Citizens in need. Stormwind.

Sarathelia: Kirin Tor.

Terymas: The Scourge.

Balthas: The Scourge.

Merileth: The Crimson Circle.

Nine: People in need of a crime/mystery solved. Stormwind Guard also.
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Re: The Mission Board

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