Mei-Luan Zhao

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Mei-Luan Zhao

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Mei-Luan Zhao
Age: 17
Birthday: 31st December
Gender: Female
Occupation: Student, Black-Belt Martial Artist
Height: 167cm
Hair and Eye Color: Long indigo hair and indigo colored eyes.
Apparel: Usually seen in the school uniform. Outside of school, she wears a skirt-length pale yellow dress-top and grey tights underneath, with sneakers.
Personality: Hyper-active and somewhat stubborn, she seems optimistic about everything. Rarely depressed and rarely inactive, she is always on the go and always has a plan for a boring/quiet situation. She tends to overreact to a lot of things in a comedic fashion, and often bluntly states the obvious. She also over-dramatizes on minor things in comparison. She can get unusually competitive and is one to act before they think.
Favorite Food and Drink: Shellfish and Pocari Sweat/Energy Drinks
Ambitions: She seems to want to become an Olympic athlete, but also talks about possibly taking up a military or law enforcement role.

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