The Coldrane Wastes

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The Coldrane Wastes

Post  Octie♥ on Sat Jul 27, 2013 8:15 am

A rocky expanse located not far South of the [Gothic Land]. The barren wastes do not hold much outside of tribes and villages that have somehow accustomed to the harsh unfruitful land, dangerous creatures that rule the mountain peaks and dangerous natural areas slathered with slippery ice and spiky rock formations. If the savage locals and massive beasts don't kill you, slipping off a narrow path and being impaled on a stalagmite will. Despite the dangers, there are some beautiful sights to behold. There is also indeed a path carved through the wastes for people who do wish to traverse through it; though not completely secure, it's the safest (yet longest) route to take through the wastes. The terrain varies from completely snowy to ice-covered crag.

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