Polar Storage Facility 104-EX - "Tetronus"

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Polar Storage Facility 104-EX - "Tetronus"

Post  Octie♥ on Sat Jul 27, 2013 3:15 am

Personnel: None
Department: Storage (Former)
Status: Abandoned

A derelict storage facility roughly 120km off the Northern shores, named after the rock formation in the waters it was built in, the Tetronus Chasm. All 88 of its personnel were killed when an anomalous substance flooded the facility while it was on lockdown. The personnel had activated the lockdown sequence following protocol against a severe storm. The substance was trapped within and killed off all personnel with no survivors. When the next freighter had arrived, they immediately reported the incident to the polar research command at the shore.

The bodies of victims were shown to have been frozen "inside-out", with the outer bodies being cold and slightly frosted, but the insides being completely frozen solid. What's more, the ice that had formed was riddled with spiked formations that were sharp to the touch, and patches of this strange ice could be found on the walls and ceilings of the facility.

As of current, the facility has become a derelict and N.A.R.E have halted any investigations around it. While it is under consideration to further investigate it, it is unknown why they are holding it off. As it is now, N.A.R.E lack the time or willpower to devote security to the derelict. As such, civilian ships commonly come across the facility and investigate it themselves. Some of the stories they brought out were normal without hassle, others admitted to strange things waiting within.

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