Stormwind guard records: Corrahn Northvale

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Stormwind guard records: Corrahn Northvale

Post  Berserker on Mon Jul 22, 2013 3:45 am

This page may be found in the Stormwind Guard's headquarters, along with entries detailing many other veteran guardsmen from Lordaeron.

Corrahn Northvale, age 36

The Guardsman:

Without a helmet (inaccurate representation of him):

Record of service:
Born in Strahnbrad in the Alterac Mountains, and joined the Lordaeron regional defence at age 18. Served dutifully in the Fourth Company until the outbreak of the Plague, then joined Prince Arthas' forces along with three comrades. Took part in the culling of Stratholme as well, and later joined Jaina Proudmoore's expedition to Kalimdor. Finally returned to Stormwind some years after the battle at Mount Hyjal, and has served in the Stormwind guard since then. Went to Silvermoon as an ambassador once, although the endeavour was short lived.

Currently fit for all regular combat actions. Shows remarkable proficiency with both one- and two-handed swords despite mild physical handicaps, likely a result of dedicated service and training. High endurance and stamina, but very poor reflexes to damage. Damaged nerves or head trauma possible causes. No medical evaluation in the past three years.

Has both cooperated and conflicted with Scarlet Crusaders on occasion in the past. Hates Undead, and will fight to the death against Horde warriors.

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