Reputation and Fame thread

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Reputation and Fame thread

Post  Homu on Mon Jul 22, 2013 2:51 am

Here you put reputations and fame of characters. Make sure to keep it updated and note changes in the changelog thread at the bottom of the forums.
Or else no one ever checks the forums.

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Re: Reputation and Fame thread

Post  Homu on Mon Jul 22, 2013 3:43 am

Alaris: Not a particularly high reputation. Known to be often in Duskwood.

Apris: Reputation as typical Scarlet Inquisitor. Known in Stormwind and near territories. Known to be RACIST particularly against Elves.

Stormwind: Known especially among casters. Known to cause explosions in her tower that can be heard in Goldshire sometimes.
Known to play with fire, for her illusion antics, for storming Stormwind Library brainwashed by the Blue Dragonflight. Known positively for being at the Sunwell Battle, Light's Hope Battle, generally being helpful and useful when not messing around with magic a little too much. May be admired by some for her beauty and/or other reasons.
Silvermoon: Sunfire family. Known for storming silvermoon with a blue drake and getting beaten up by Rommath himself. Known to have a brother who is a strange man and guards captain.
Blackrock Mountain: Known by the Dark Iron Dwarves for having stormed their city once in the past, trying to usurp the throne, and managing to do so for a week. Known by the Black Dragons as someone who plays with fire alot and hangs around burning steppes often.
The Burning Legion: One of their enemy heroes. Wanted dead or corrupted.
The Scourge: Wanted among their ranks.
Elementals: Possibly known by some Fire Elementals due to Lord Pyros and her Phoenix.
Illidan and his Servants: Probably not known, but met him once and was thrown out by Illidan himself.
Has nicknames. Such as Blazing Spirit in duskwood, or White Mage due to her robe making her seem like a spirit in Duskwood.
That was before Kelitha moved there, overshadowing the tales Azula's appearances created.

Kelitha Skydragon: Legalized by the King Himself to be a uncorrupt necromancer living in Duskwood. Likely not very known among Stormwind, trying to remain relatively secret. Scarlets know her, and know about the King knowing her. Uses Ebon Blade affiliation as diplomatic shield. Known in Duskwood as "witch". Many unreasonable rumors and accusations about her. Mildly desired by the Scourge, in particular a Death Knight of the Scourge that happens to be her father.

Sandra: Known in Silvermoon to be a prankster, daughter of a noble and now known as a Felblood Elf who retained her personality. Mixed opinions, is not liked inside the city. Some would rather have her put down while others see it as a good omen that not all demons are inherently corrupt.
Wanted by the Legion under Manarius' command and order. Known in Shattrath as one of the "neutral" demons.
Has been trained by Illidan Stormrage himself...for one day.

Callistris: Known as Demon Mercenary amongst more shady groups who would hire someone like her. May be known by official authorities aswell, seems to have a mercenary license and adverts. Her alter ego, Iva Goldencrown, is also known. No one is aware she and Callistris are the same.
Known in Shattrath as a successful experiment in cleansing a demon of Fel Energy. Wanted by the Legion under Manarius' command and order.

Adala Silverblade: Known in Stormwind as neutral Blood Elf affiliated with the Sha'tar, and as their General. This is the reason she is accepted in Stormwind. Known in Silvermoon for the same reasons. Mostly famous amongst those who know about Outland business like Shattrath City, the Sha'tar, the Shattered Sun and so on. Hated and feared by the Legion. Hated by the Scourge, but not often encountered by them.

Ashelyna: Known in Silvermoon as the Bartender. Shadier people may know her as a street thief from the past, which was her former profession. Still may be seen doing that, though.

Kathelius Chillhand Terrordance THE FIRST: Totally not known at all except among the Ebon Blade as a very peculiar Lich. Same with Scourge reputation.

Coriel Lakeradia: Known as bad-luck-attractor and generally unpopular girl in Silvermoon. Known as someone who rose from zero to hero, champion. Some may have seen her stalk the streets in her stupid undead form before she was restored. Known for her temper and foul mouth. Noted resemblance of Azula.

Ambassador Palaneth: Not exactly a famous person. Just one of the known Ambassadors. Has been seen in Stormwind once.

Velinaria Cloudbreaker: Not exactly famous. Often seen outside of Silvermoon's gates, sleeping on the grass. Reputed as lazy.

Canis Doomweaver: Abysmal reputation. Troublemaker. Dangerous person. Lack of proof for accusations keeps her from being imprisoned or killed on sight.

Lord Manarius: Not very known. Relatively new, and mostly known to those he directly involves himself with, a terrible omen indeed for those. Known among the Legion in Outland as the self proclaimed "Shadow of Outland". Known among Shattrath and Outland locations as an enemy.

Inteph'ra the Infallible: Just another Crypt Lord. Notable for being very scholarly and lazy, and having the desire for a living elven dancer. Was sometimes seen with Kathelius back in the Scourge. Still scourge.

Cellesa: No outstanding reputation. Just a cheerful helpful druid who is sometimes seen with Alaris.

Sseveras: Stormwind Guards Captain's Advisor. Suspicous reputation. Often seen near beaches.

Cilina: The Captain of the Third Stormwind Guard Company. Seems to have an average reputation among the guards. Accepted with some doubt amongst her men.

Commander Tolus: A Draenei commander in service of Adala Silverblade. Known in Shattrath especially for his merry drinking habits.

Miranda: No reputation. Just a Seeker.

Ithiltaen: No reputation. Is not even known to exist.

Scantos Sunfire: Known as very attracted to women. Known as Silvermoon City Guard Captain. Known as "Brother of Azula Sunfire".

Morash Shatterfist: Unknown Orc.

Voragodon: Some Pit Lord serving under Lord Manarius.

Balthzenaar/Beelthzenaar: Famous Orc Warlock. Never seen again. Only known by name.

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Re: Reputation and Fame thread

Post  Octie♥ on Mon Jul 22, 2013 3:58 am

Zaramul: Eccentric skeletal mage known for experimentation who follows orders under Kathelius. Known by many in Ebon Blade, probably loathed by Scourge.

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Re: Reputation and Fame thread

Post  Karthusin on Mon Jul 22, 2013 4:03 am

Sgt. Torgarr Deadsplitter: Famous among the majority of the Northrend Horde forces(Excluding the Apothecary Forsaken expeditions), having gained honor through various deeds and ideas in recent times, quickly moving up the ranks until he found himself in his current position. Some of the men that have served along his side would say his behavior is just an act.

Shadow Cultist Mandy: Shady forsaken agent, upholding a minor reputation as an adviser but mostly known as a forsaken courier.

Finzozoz: Mostly known among the Horde, although very well known among the Gnomes for one reason or another. Said to transport shady goods, quote: ''dat bring gud karma, mon''

Ingvar Bergstormúr: Upholds a reputation of a brutal, merciless warrior among the Scourge. Little else is known about him.

Mr. Splinket: Advanced mage, close to reaching position of Archmage, but not close enough. Regardless a trustworthy, dedicated Kirin Tor member, that tries to offer advice where needed. Known to look upon simple soldiers as mere tools, which has earned him some bad light.

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Re: Reputation and Fame thread

Post  Endless Witch Beatrice on Mon Jul 22, 2013 4:09 am

Lindvia Wintersong: Unknown outside of Silvermoon. Known as a redheaded "good-girl" initiate with the Blood Knights.

Cadaen Aquila: Nobody gives a shit about this guy. Who is he again?

Daenis Duskwinder: Known among some Blood Knights and other Blood Elves as somewhat of a smarmy rogue. Gets the job done, doesn't stick out an awful lot.

Zerana: Occasional "ghost story" status among Silvermoon Citizens. Relatively unseen otherwise, and certainly not known by name.

Tibalt: Diligent but extremely sadistic fellow among the Forsaken. The Forsaken don't care much, as his sadism seems only to extend to the living, and he does not exactly get in the way of politics either. An odd bird, known mostly by a few around Brill.

Amania: A feisty and loudmouthed Death Knight. Gets on the nerves of the Ebon Blade often. Doesn't know when to back down from a fight.

Jabril: Just another parasite Ethereal trader.

Vena Phestidia: Spotted by a few people in Stormwind who think her suspicious. Known in the Slaughtered Lamb by the name "Phestidia" among some Warlocks who look upon her with irritation; a wretched woman who 'stole' her way into darker magics.

Jaquester: See Cadaen.

Terymas: Known among the Scourge as a cruel and sadistic individual, both in a physical and a mental sense - which is perfectly normal. The only thing which gives him any notice is his status as a San'Layn and a self-declared Prince.

Selisa: Known among Priestesses as a cheerful woman, although disdained by others as a lazy drunk. Given her social nature, it's not unusual for some to recognise her in Silvermoon.

Nine: Known among the Guard for being an overenthusiastic vigilante. Smart, but exceedingly annoying. Most avoid contact with her where possible, giving any excuse.

Relstus: A fellow who isn't seen out much. Tends to creep out those who have met them by 'staring at their soul'.

Captain Clawley Bloodmantle: Seen as a nutty pirate by the Forsaken, who generally don't care much about him. Known among sailors and some booty bay crew as a cunning pirate during his living days - actually somewhat of a threat.

Balthas: A newcoming Necromancer to the Scourge. His calm, confident air causes the Scourge he works with to be both suspicious of him and admiring of him. Of presently limited influence and significance, aside from his being posted in Northrend on various jobs.

Baryl Blackstone: A damn good bounty hunter and mercenary as well as a showoff. His ties to the Forsaken are of personal convenience, however - those who really know him are those who have hired him as a mercenary in the past. With a combination of advanced weaponry and minor magics, he usually tends to get the job done.

Clarissa: Known by several in Silvermoon as "that thief that took my coin pouch the other day", but never would they know her to see her.

Eos: Known among the Scarlet Crusade as a faithless weakling despite his prowess with the Light, mostly due to his disagreement with many of their zealous tendencies. Now branded a traitor and a heretic for having quit the organisation.

Morantan: He looks impressive... Who is he?

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Re: Reputation and Fame thread

Post  Berserker on Mon Jul 22, 2013 4:35 am

Corrahn Northvale: Well known among the Stormwind Guard for being among the most stubborn soldiers in the army. Some Stormwind citizens know him as "the guard with the greatsword". He isn't very well known outside of Stormwind, except that both Forsaken and Lordaeron survivors may have had a casual relationship with him in the past. The Scourge is not at all on good terms with him, and he has taken part in some very, very vicious duels against skeletal champions.

Thyndis Dawnstrider: Similarly known among the Blood Knights, but for being very soft and kind-hearted for one of their order, as well as having attained the rank of Master through her healing prowess. Other Elves may also know her for having received her aid. Rare Forsaken/Lordaeron survivors may also know her for giving her very best to stop the Plague from spreading through Lordaeron. Outside Silvermoon, she is not well known at all, except the Scourge who has taken note of her after her successful endeavours to restore Coriel Lakeradia to life.

Kinel W. "Kiljoy" Greymoor: Near famous in Duskwood for being the only man insane enough to take up residence in Raven Hill willingly. He has received a bad reputation in Shattrath, for temporarily siding with the Burning Legion, and he still hasn't managed to clear that stain on his name, and also has the Goblins of Booty Bay as enemies after he made an unsuccessful attempt to kill Sandra there. The Dwarves of Ironforge, blissfully unaware of his recent dealings, consider him mighty for a human, having defeated many in duels outside their gates. He fought atop the Sunwell Plateau in an attempt to clear his name, though he did not fight in his usual brash and loud-mouthed manner then.

Dergus Cudgelforge: Stormwind and Ironforge know him for his near lunatic occasional rants, often caused by having an ale too much. Aside from that, he is largely unknown, except by other drinkers. It is said in Ironforge that Dergus is guaranteed to be there the moment you buy your fifth ale.

Jolaara: Mostly unknown. Occasional travellers have run into her along dusty roads all across Azeroth, but she is not one to leave a lasting impression yet.

Nina Townsend: Below average Stormwind Guard. Unknown.

Cathreesa: Known among those stubborn few humans residing in Lordaeron for wandering all across the region, curing the sick, helping the wounded and praying for the dead. Other High Elves sometimes take note of her dirty appearance and scoff at it.

Fendril Cloudshatter: Known amongst the Blood Knights for being fair and dedicated as a quartermaster, and quite the scumbag towards anyone damaging it. Also a notorious smoker.

Drash: Dedicated Orc with mediocre weaponry skills. Unknown, thanks to his tendency of leaving the glory for others to take.

Caiya: Human adventurer, swashbuckler and thief. Very unknown.

Zurogg: Fel Orc lieutenant. Well known in Thrallmar and Honor Hold, although mostly as "that damnable slaughterer".

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Re: Reputation and Fame thread

Post  ScorpDK on Tue Jul 30, 2013 1:00 pm

Aileen (Forgot her surname)
Steamwarrior, Weaponsmaster and Gnome of Green Awesomeness. Known in Outland and Northrend for her skill in battle and her dedication to help the weak and beat up baddies tens to twenty times her size. In other places of Azeroth nobody really knows her name, however, going mostly unnoticed due to her short size.

Amy-Lynn Bladespinner
Gnomish Agent of the SI:7, not famous as she usually knocks or otherwise incapacitates any possible eyewitness that way be around when she goes into action.

Human Archmage of the Kirin Tor. Similar fame as most other archmages. Aside his vast knowledge, magical research and last-second tower-teleportation escape from Dalaran as the Scourge attacked, he has no major feats under his belt. Still, people know that picking a fight with this elderly archmage is generally a bad idea that ends in unflattering outcomes.

Celina Brightwood
Natural Genius, Alchemist and one of the youngest elven Archmagi and member of the Kirin Tor. Although she did not directly assist in the events unfolding in Outland and Azeroth, well-informed people know that she indirectly assisted via creation of magical charms and potions. People travel large distances to visit her magical shop, wherever it may be at the time, to request her services. She is known to spend large amounts of money as reward for adventurers bringing her ingredients for her special concoction dealing with back- and shoulder-pain. Many spellcasters fear her for her rumored ability to disassemble, copy and counter spells during battle by just watching a spell being cast several times, albeit the effectiveness may not be up-to-par with the original.

Eris Lightweaver
Elven Paladin Exemplar of the Argent Crusade. She assisted in several major assaults against the Burning Legion and Illidan in Outland, and the Sunwell Reclamation at Quel'Danas. She later was torn into 3 shards, forming personas of their own: Elessa, who took over the Bloodsail Pirates and became their queen, reforming them into a powerful legion of seafaring elite troops; Mona, a paladin Exemplar who joined the Argent Crusade and demolished Scourge Forces that prepared to set up shop in Kalimdor; and Elaiya, a air-headed priestess that caused an uproar when she absorbed a Naaru's powerful magic in Theramore. She was later reformed by her friends and disappeared some time after, being randomly seen around Northrend where she cleansed Undead forces and assisted the civilians wherever possible.

Kelia Darkweaver
Elven Rogue; Known for her usually cold and apathetic demeanor, her unusual dark skin and yellow eyes and her love for causing mischief. Alliance and Horde share a neutral opinion on her; She is a great asset to the high command but city guards are on her list whenever she feels like causing mischief. She assisted directly in the assault on the various bastions of evil in Outland, including the final assault on the Black Temple. She continued to offer her services to the forces of light, keeping enemies at bay in the outer courtyard of the Sunwell Plateu while her allies attacked the demons hiding within and later assisting the Argent Crusade in Northrend.

[to be continued...]

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Re: Reputation and Fame thread

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