Vashkin Culture

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Vashkin Culture

Post  Endless Witch Beatrice on Mon Jul 15, 2013 3:29 am

In any given Vashkin city, all of which are underwater (though they are usually protected with warded "water gate airlocks"
to enable humans to better survive), there is a High Priest seen as the ruler over the given area. The High Priest has a council of elders, the Elder Council. The people in charge of religious rituals, inducting new acolytes to the faith and performing
sacrifices are the Priests and Priestesses.

There is a religious school wherein acolytes are inducted and taught of the contents of ancient writings in relation to the Vashkin
religion. The Priests of the Vashkin religion are used for teaching students. The school also teaches magic, Common, music, mathematics,
cooking, history and alchemy - most of which are optional.

A Vashkin city consists of an underwater dome, composed of ornate glass and buildings stuck together. It is not uncommon for buildings
to be stacked on top of each other- you may well find a blacksmith's place atop a cathedral, or a bunch of market stalls atop an
apartment. The Vashkin are commonly using ladders.

The Vashkin do not usually have any qualms about nudity, although they generally refrain for the sake
of outsiders. The Vashkin are known for their hospitality and their respect for other cultures, although
not necessarily for their deep understanding of them. Some human Vashkin area maintain social standards of "decency" in regards to clothing and even teach their children these same social standards.

In terms of magic, academies in Vashkin cities usually teach three categories; Water magic, which is compulsory, as well as Earth magic and healing magic. Blood magic and a minor form of necromancy involving the use of souls is also taught in some, but only to those over 30 years of age who have been given a proper license by the Elder Council.

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