Possible religion for The Other Side

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Possible religion for The Other Side

Post  Berserker on Mon May 20, 2013 12:45 am


This wall of text describes a myth about the creation of the world, one of two common beliefs in the western Old World. I haven't added this to the actual The Other Side section yet because I want to hear opinions about it first, so let me hear opinions (there is no TL;DR at the bottom, so don't be lazy!)

According to their Church, the first of the Creators was Aeras, the Stalwart Knight. He came across an abandoned world, left by another god halfway through its formation, and he saw that it held promise, and adopted it as his own. He wished for a world where knightly ideals were held in high regard, and set about creating it. For months he toiled, reforming the lands, reshaping the seas, and sculpting the various creatures found in the Wilds, that his knights could test their mettle against. He created fertile lands, and he formed the peasants, so that his favoured knights could eat and drink. He put ambition and hope into the hearts of men, so some among them would become leaders and there would be order. As he gazed upon his work, however, he realised there was room for more in his world. He asked other gods to aid him in completing it.

The first who answered his request was Iryan, the Maiden of Time. She helped Aeras, causing time's effects upon all in his world; knights and peasants would age and die if not falling in battle, crops would grow and provide the food they were meant to, creatures of the wild would grow in size and might. She added genders to his people, separating them as man and woman, so their race would still persist despite the passing of time, and added love and loyalty to their hearts, for those feelings were beautiful to her, as were all they brought with them.

Still, Aeras was not content, even though he and Iryan worked tirelessly. There was still room for more, so he called upon another god to aid him. Casun, the Many-minded Artist, answered, and to Aeras' world, he used his imagination to add many forms of creatures to the world, and adding many ideas. In tribute to his own, he added creativity to Aeras' people, teaching them to combine the practical with the aesthetic, and to always improve upon their works, for he was as pleased in seeing others' works as in working his own.

Aeras' knights now held ambition, hope, love, loyalty and creativity, but he saw that not all would follow their ambition. He called upon a fourth god, Turas, the Cunning Satisfactor, to give him more assistance. Turas looked upon the people of the young world, and discovered that they lacked pleasure in what they were doing, as though all they did were merely because they were made to do so. Turas and Aeras argued for seven days and six nights about whether or not that should truly be the driving force of the people, but finally Aeras grudgingly let Turas fill his people with a desire for pleasure, be it through ambition, love or creativity. Aeras never fully accepted this, but his people now had a reason of their own to do what they did.

As Aeras looked into the minds of his people, he could find pleasure being a considerable goal in many, but that something still was missing in those unable to find pleasure by themselves, and that some had nothing to place their hopes in.  He called for a final god; Nirae, the Maiden of Spirit. She saw the people's needs, and filled them with faith in their Creators, and curiosity and dedication towards all things in life. As she worked for the people's enlightenment, she also determined they would need trials of faith, and spread doubt into the world, to test the hearts of men and see whether their spirits were strong or weak.

Thus the Five Creators ended their work, and sat back to watch the world they had made unfold. To this day, the gods are still watching, and their ways, while hidden to the people they watch, always serve a greater purpose. It is thanks to them that the people have prospered and grown.

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Re: Possible religion for The Other Side

Post  Homu on Tue Jul 09, 2013 1:40 pm

Interesting. At first, I thought you were gonna pull something lame, that this first god is you, how you adopted the idea from Who Knows and so on.
You seem to have avoided this. This is nice. We could expand it or add minor gods or other spiritual beings. Who knows.

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