The Streets

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The Streets

Post  Homu on Thu Sep 01, 2011 3:53 pm

The Delinquent Group. (3 of which are named)

First one (1), Right one in the second row (2).
Third row, left one(3).

Delinquent 1 (Homu)
Ashikaga Ogai
Age: 22
Personality: Working on it
Habits: No clue. Chuckling, maybe. And creepy head tilt.

Delinquent 2 (Octie)
Bokkai Mazaki
Age: 20
Personality: Always likes to brag and talk big to others, showing off how much of a tough guy he is. He likes picking fights as well, and often dives ahead first out of the three of them.
Habits: Likes to crack knuckles while he talks

Delinquent 3 (Who)
Junichi Mayuri
Age: 20
Personality: Silent for the most part, always wears somekind of head wear, usually a cap. But packs a punch if he joins a fight.
Habits: Taking his little brother to the arcade.


The Ice Cream Van/Vendor
(no images found)

Confirmed stores/buildings:
-Small stores/supermarkets
(Continue with more common things)

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