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Tadako Okimoto

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Name: Tadako Okimoto
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Height: 175
Hair & Eye Color: Black hair brown eyes

Residence: Okimoto Household in the suburbs of NYC
Occupation: ?
Hobbies: EVE Online, Science Fiction, Science, Kendo

Powers: None for now


Items: Samurai Armor, Katana, Wakizashi, Tanto, Cellphone, Calculator

Personality: Introspective, thoughtful, intellectual
General description: Generally blends into the background of most situations, doesn't engage in much conversation.
Takado Okimoto, a tall thin girl who excels in atheletics, she's pretty smart and studies when she's not playing on her computer or training in martial arts with grandpa. She usually wears glasses, and has a beauty mark on her left cheek below her eye.
She's pretty stotic in her expression and her daily attitude and pretty reclusive when not around people she knows.

Pre Time Skip

History: Lived in Japan, Dad and Mom seperated because Dr.Okimoto was too obsessed with his science. She and her father moved to NYC to where her grandpa and cousin live. Her grandfather owns a Dojo in NYC.
Tadako joined the same school as the rest of the cast, and always had good grades. Eventually, she met Jack Campbell, Apris Lucretia L'Eclaire, Seth, and others, but surprisingly, she kept mostly uninvolved in their plots.
Her father, in the meantime, developed the AI, Corona, together with many scientists.
Many things happened, too many to summarize, but on a fateful day, Dr.Okimoto was abducted.
The group, without Tadako, went to bring him back from Area 51, where Corona kept him imprisoned, but failed, killing him in the process.
Seth, the killer, has told her the news personally together with Apris. From that moment, she knew she must do something.
And so she agreed to be trained by her Grandfather. Her training was fruitful one day, when she fought against two "crawler" subjects and one large "tank" subject, disguised as a mummified Samurai, fighting aside an oblivious Jack Campbell.
And so she trained on, and the timeskip ensues.
To be continued.

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