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Violet Mayflower

Post  Homu on Mon May 06, 2013 11:16 am

Name: Violet Mayflower
Gender: Female
Age: 24 pre timeskip
Height: 180cm
Hair & Eye Color: Pink hair red eyes

Residence: Somewhere in Australia, on a farm/plantation of sorts.
Occupation: ?
Hobbies: Reading horror/slasher/thriller novels. Movies of these genres, too. Being suggestive, and seeing cute reactions.

Powers: None for now

Clothing: Dress and hat.

Items: Car, Axe, purse

Personality: Suggestive, apparently polite, maybe psycho.
Way of acting: Sweet and innocent, dropping hints of possible true nature.

Pre Time Skip

History: She knew Jack from when they were kids and went to the same school. She was always somewhat fond of him. One day he disappeared. Sweet and innocent, and inventive she was.
From there on, she's lived her own life, and also changed somewhat drastically. She's became more suggestive, also grew pretty tall and strong (for her looks).
Eventually, she went to New York City for meeting with her old class, when she was 24. There she met Jack Campbell again, and they spent a few days.
She then went back to Australia.

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