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Alexis Ponton

Post  Homu on Mon May 06, 2013 10:53 am

Name: Alexis Ponton
Gender: Female
Age: 20?
Height: 156 or something around there
Hair & Eye Color: Black hair brown eyes

Residence: Apartment in New York City
Occupation: One of Vincent Du'Galle's Lackeys
Hobbies: Coin collecting, Movies, Cycling, Pool/Snooker/whateveritscalled

Powers: None for now

Clothing: Usually a fine suit and an eyepatch. When in private, a blue top and a skirt with an color I don't know the bloody name of. dark tights, long baige skirt, baby blue cardigan?

Items: Knife, Pistol, Minicamera, Cellphone, Recording device

Personality: Calm most of the time. Genre-savy due to lots of TV watching.

Pre Time Skip


Post Time Skip (No drastic changes, barely noticable bust change, some height change)

History: Before the timeskip, she came to New York City to get a job there, and also because she heard her Cousin might be there. She got involved in Mafia business, and was the lackey of "Tanjuu", one of the Mafia men in the area. For him she's worked for a while, until she met Jack Campbell, who also seems to have been working for Tanjuu.
She eventually grew fond of Jack's strangeness, and found out about Superpowers and Jack's own power "Campbell".
This involvement with Jack dragged her into many incidents, such as the Hospital Incident, where a new subject type was seen.
Or the Incident with the Templars and the Illusion, where she believed she was shot.
Eventually she got through all this turmoil and ended up switching sides, working with Detective Vincent Du'Galle.

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