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Post  Endless Witch Beatrice on Mon May 06, 2013 5:01 am

In a period of educational uncertainty for many families, we aim to preserve the most traditional and important values upheld by the most prestigious of educational facilities throughout our country's history. We provide the guarantee that your child will be educated to their highest potential in an encouraging, caring and deeply intellectual environment.

The majority of pupils who enter our school are well-rounded, well-qualified adolescents transferring into adulthood; seeking to expand and solidify their education. A combination of high academic expectations, strong pastoral support and wealthy extracurricular activity will await your child, ensuring to guide him or her to a bright future of certain vocational prosperity; indeed, your child will be assisted in settling into school life with the assistance of senior staff and our student mentor system. Even if your child is not accustomed to a boarding school environment, it will not take long for them to adjust and feel comfortable.

At Vorherr academy, we actively promote education not only as a route to further academic achievement, whether that be at our local universities or further afield, but also in its broader sense as a set of skills and experiences which will stand our pupils in good stead as they embark on adulthood. With this in mind I particularly welcome the growth of our Student Council, a democratically elected group of pupils who work with staff on a number of issues to ensure unity as well as an effective bridge of communication and understanding between staff and pupils.

I hope you glean something of our strong sense of purpose from this article. I also extend to all pupils and parents a sincere welcome to the school should you wish to meet by appointment with a senior staff member to discuss education.

R. L. Volker

Vorherr Academy Main Building

Vorherr Academy Dormitories
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