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Cyborg Ninja

Post  Homu on Mon Apr 22, 2013 4:07 am

First: I want him being mysterious so i will reveal details during rping...

Original Name: (coded below...will be revealed during RP'ing)
Experiment NR: 2-15-15-1
Nickname: Cyborg-Ninja
Species: Unknown (will be revealed....)
The story: He once had a family...he lived on a planet with his family...his sister was beautiful..he was fast...he and his sister argued often with eachother but they loved eachother and would do anything to rescue eachother...some day it was his sister's birthday....they celebrated and she got many presents. The whole family was present and they had much fun. Until...."it" happened..some "special guests" arrived and wiped his whole family out...except his sister and himself. They fled to a near spaceport and he told his sister to wait at the spacepoit and stay hidden so those criminaly wont notice her and she can begin a new life. But as he saw the criminals shooting into her direction he was more than sure she died...but it went worse. The criminals shot the shuttle down and he nearly died. He crashed near some research station wich only a few people knew about. He was found by some scientists who planned some experiment with exoskeleton technology. They recovered him with all stuff of medicine. He was pumped with it and had been teached in echani, rodian, and several other fighting styles with hands and sword. Of course he couldnt have learned it without the learning helmet wich they used on him, just like the Kaminoans hundreds of years before did.But for what prize...he nearly forgot everything of himself...he forgot his name...he forgot from where he came...he just knows that criminals killed his sister and that he wants revenge. He seems emotionsless and dreary, but he has a heart. One year later something really unexpected happened: Some big criminal militia attacked the underground base and tried to conquer it. Then they jammed the energy so the security system is offline. They succeded and found Experiment NR. 2-15-15-1. He looked like he was sleeping but suddenly he grabbed the guy before him on the neck and broke it. As he saw the criminals killed those who rescued his life he got in rage, grabbed one of the vibroblades and killed most of the thugs alone. Suddenly the energy recovered and the thugs had been pushed back to their shuttles and the flew away to recover for the next strike.... EX-NR: 2-15-15-1 looked after the energy generator and found DR.A.Zaxul, one of the Doctors who rescued his life. The doctor was so happy that EX-NR: 2-15-15-1 rescued his life that he gave him the most expensive sword he had. He found it somewhere on Korriban as he was part of some archeological research group for seeking remaining Sith temples. He gave it EX-NR: 2-15-15-1 and he knew he will treat it like....a sister. EX-NR: 2-15-15-1 saw no more sense in staying at the mostly destroyed base and took DR.A.Zaxul with him to the shuttle hangar. Most shuttles were damaged so they couldnt jump into hyperspace so they flew to the spaceport where the story of Cyborg-Ninja began and they split up, promising to meet again. The doctor took an shuttle to Coruscant, where he had some relatives. EX-NR: 2-15-15-1 took a shuttle to Tatooine, because he knew that there are mostly criminals....those beings he hates most. His heart beats for ony one purpose: REVENGE on those who killed his sister. He seems to have no emotions under his exoskeleton...but he is not evil at all. Be warned, criminals, if the Cyborg-Ninja jumps swiftly from house to house....

The end of the Bio.....for now.

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