Black Crimson's Old Biography

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Black Crimson's Old Biography

Post  Homu on Mon Apr 22, 2013 4:01 am

Nickname: Black Crimson (refering to his armor)
Original name: unknown
Age: unknown
Appearance:A black armor with crimson colored parts...

Things to know:Hes exceptionally skilled with a sniper rifle, but also a tough opponent with his two hand blasters. He never takes off his armor in public and his head is never seen (like the masterchief of HALO)
Crimson's main base "Pride of Mandalor":

Crimson's current fighter:


Black Crimson was born on Concord Dawn.
He lived a peaceful life and was trained well by his parents.
His parents were good Bounty Hunters and did also some mercenary jobs.
But the peace was an illusion...
The current mandalore was a brutal and corrupt man. Lopan Zesk, Mandalore got in touch with an ancient sith relic and become evil and corrupted by the darkside.
His corruption made the mandalorians feared and disliked by common public. Everyone respected them.
One day the Karatos Plague broke out more heavy than normally. This wasnt a problem at all, because the people who were born at Concord Dawn were inoculated against the virus as children, so the aggressiveness of this virus was mostly experienced only by offworlders. But this time the virus somehow altered itself maybe with another virus and much people died. People have been evacuated, so did Black Crimson and his parents. They moved to Coruscant but only Black Crimson arrived there alife. His parents got killed by raging offworlders who thought the plague's outbreak was the Mandalorian's fault. His father fought bravely back but he got backstabbed. Black Crimson and his mother did hide near an excape pod and his mother told him: "Don't hate them, their stupid. Instead prove them wrong about us". Now Black Crimson did understand...the Mandalorians were hated for some reason and that caused his parents to die. Quickly he got informations about the Mandalore's corruption. He trained much and long. He wanted to kill the corrupted mandalore, for the sake of the Mandalorians. For his parents. And he wants to prove the people that Mandalorians are a noble race. His plan was to get close to Lopan as one of his closest lifeguards. He applied for the job and after some years of training he stood aside of Lopan. He waited for the right moment and that moment came as a group of Pirates ambushed the personnel transporter of the Mandalore. Covered by an explosion Black Crimson killed the confused mandalore. Unfortunately he had to kill the whole crew. Paradoxically he had to betray his fellow brothers to stop the corrupt betrayal of his fellow brothers by Lopan Zesk. As he came back the fellow mandalorians were shocked at first but Black Crimson managed to enlighten the others and they accepted him as their new Mandalore. He now fights for the reputation of the Mandalorians. The people calmed down with knowing about the mandalore's dead but their still suspicious and fearing, some are still hating.
The most important mandalorians are now on Crimson's ship, the "Pride of Mandalor" wich is currently orbiting Tatooine.

Black Crimson's homeworld

Black Crimson who is disguised as a lifeguard kills Lopan Zesk.

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