[Post Timeskip] January 29th, 20xx

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[Post Timeskip] January 29th, 20xx

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-Robbery at the Kubinka Tank Museum. Several C-4 detonations were reported at 2:23am local time on the 28th of January. The theft of goods has been claimed to have lasted for 5 hours before the robbers made their escape. Despite witnesses reporting the uses of heavy-lifting vehicles in the raid, no leads have been confirmed as of yet. Reports on stolen materials have been with-held by the Russian military. Museum expected to be closed down until further notice. Foreign authorities are denied any other information regarding the museum or the thefts.

-A two-headed rabbit has been reported to have been born in the Russian town of Shatura. Owner Lev Belitrov woke up on the morning of January 27th to find that his pet rabbit Freja had given birth to four babies. The two-headed baby only lived for 6 hours before expiring. Belitrov has since refused to public access to the remains of the two-headed baby.

-Rising economics enterprise Vernost signs new lease agreement with the UN granting them permission to sell medicinal products across Europe, with exports to be sent to America for pending approval. This is expanding upon their already successful trade of electronics and machinery world-wide. Vernost CEO Konstantin Tretyakov comments on the business' recent and rapid successes as being "nothing short from miracles".


-A news reporter helicopter has crashed in Chicago, Illinois after reports of controls malfunctioning. The helicopter proceeded to crash in a Wal-Mart parking lot. All but one of the crew have been confirmed dead. 27 year old Sandy Mitchell is in intensive care at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital, rendered comatose from the recent events. Reasons as to why the vehicle malfunctioned have yet to be confirmed.

-Reliability and utility of Vernost products on the US market have been readily overwhelming competitors, rivaling other top brands mere months after having been approved by the Ministry of Trade. Such developments have left several independent companies in turmoil, with a surge of closed down businesses starting to plague the country. Major enterprises and providers are in no direct threat, however.


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