Gideon Church

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Gideon Church

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Name: Gideon Church

Birthday: 2nd December

Age: 20 (Post Timeskip)

Hair & Eye Color: Blonde hair, Yellow eyes

Occupation: Unemployed

Can fabricate and use objects out of literally nothing. The exact premise of his powers is unknown, but the limit to what he creates is near limitless. Or used to be. After 18 months of rehab due to a mental breakdown, his new mind-set has set in natural inhibitors that restrain his powers.

When limited, he is able to fabricate objects that he memorizes the structure of. Even then, if they can be used, he would be the only one who can use them. He can, currently, only fabricate a small number of inanimate objects. His ability to create things only found in fantasies has also been rendered incapable.

Clothing: Usually wears a red shirt with black jacket and jeans, with white and red sneakers.

Items: None usually
but can fabricate these items:
Desert Eagle
M16 Assault Rifle
Personality: Arrogant and impulsive describe him very well, with a hint of immaturity.

After the time-skip, he has grown more calculated and mature, but still occasionally loses his temper in explosive fashion.


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