Convier the Varannian

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Convier the Varannian

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Appearance Theme
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An enigmatic Varannian who is dreamlike in his demeanor, on a quest for... something, which nobody appears to know. Perhaps those of his own race might.

Convier is a deceptive individual who is known mostly for what is unknown about him.
He keeps the true nature of his powers hidden, even along with his true strength, keeping them hidden out of caution for moments of dire urgency. Even his personality obfuscates his own nature - at one moment he is strong-minded and clear-thinking while at another he is seemingly foolish and arrogant.

He is seemingly young by the standards of his race, being aged 93.

Age: 93

Personality traits:
-Faintly mischievous
-Mature and intelligent
-Tactically sound and analytical
-Studious and curious

Dream Illusion
Convier assaults the mind(s) of his victim(s) with an illusion. Depending on the degree of illusion, once his opponent believes the illusion their perception is given to his whim to different degrees. If Convier conjures a weak illusion, he will be able to perform weak tricks on his opponent's mind, whereas if he conjures a truly powerful illusion and succeeds, he may be able to kill them from the inside out.

"Once the mind experiences death, the body follows," after all.

Convier is known for being able to pull off absurd feats of magic that keep his opponents, few as they are, guessing. What he has allowed others to see are deeds such as fiery pillars of flame and prisons of ice along with the commanding of plant vines to grow and do his bidding.
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