Istilan Fleet

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Istilan Fleet

Post  Homu on Sun Feb 03, 2013 4:09 pm

The Fleet of Celo's People

Small Craft


Primary Fighter Type: "Laniei Fighter"
Role: Space Fighter / Atmospheric Fighter
Armaments: Focused Beam Cannons
Age Group: Pre-Seperation, Pre-Nomadic
Size: See picture
Number Remaining: 700
Image below.

Space Ships


The Great Migration Fleet
Role: Transport Ships
Armaments: None
Age Group: Pre-Nomadic, Post-Seperation
Size: Larger than the combat vessels. Small city size.
Number Remaining: 70 (35 and 35)
Notable Vessels: Sotha-Kaiemm and Istila-Beona, the first ships of the two great continents of their homeworld.
Image below.


Iranda's Shuttle
Role: Modified Shuttlecraft
Armaments: Two Heavy Fighter-class Beam Lasers, Guided Warhead launcher
Age Group: Pre-Nomadic, Retrofitted Nomadic
Size: Less than the image suggests. Comparable to a Boeing-737
Number Remaining: A few hundred
Notable Vessels: Celo's Ship, the "Lentrian Explorer".
Image below.


Destroyer type "Skirmish"
Role: Destroyer
Armaments: 12 Capital class Medium Twin Pulse Cannons
Age Group: Nomadic
Size: Same as Battlecruiser
Number Remaining: 12
Notable Vessels: the "Safeguard", the "Preserver", the "Guardian", the "Defender"
Image below.

Capital Ships


Battlecruiser Type "Lightcascade"
Role: Laser Platform
Armaments: 2 Rapid Fire Medium Capital Lasers, 14 Medium Focused Capital Lasers, 4 Heavy Focused Capital Lasers
Age Group: Nomadic
Size: Airport Landing Strip length ,or something like that
Number Remaining: 6
Notable Vessels: Fleet Admiral Mikaros Lentrian's "Beacon of Istila", the "Cascade of Light", the "Refractor".
Image below.


Battleship Type "Conflict"
Role: Battleship
Armaments: Light, Medium and Heavy Capital Class Pulse Beam Cannons, Warheads, Drones
Age Group: Nomadic
Size: Almost as large as Transporter
Number Remaining: 3
Notable Vessels: The "Starburst", the "Starfire", the "Starflare"
Image below.

World Ship
The World Ship "Reminiscence"
Role: World Ship
Armaments: Capital+ Lasers, Fighters, The Fleet
Age Group: Pre-Seperation
Size: Multiple Kilometers in size
Image below.

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