Ran Atsuishinkou

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Ran Atsuishinkou

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Ran Atsuishinkou
Age: 17
Birthday: 3rd October
Gender: Female
Occupation: Student and Sometimes part-time Miko (fills in for her sister)
Height: 152cm
Hair and Eye Color: Long black hair with greyish-yellow eyes
Apparel: Usually seen in the school uniform with glasses. When out of school, typically seen in a white one-piece dress with large black boots, or the miko maiden outfit.
Personality: She is quiet. To say the least. People usually think she is timid and weak, but the quietness actually conceals quite a manipulative and cunning personality that many would loathe. Still, she can potentially make connections with some people due to her loneliness and often asks people to be friends with her (with mostly refusals). She likes to act smart as well, and often points out the faults for someone, even if it's insensitive. Sometimes she means to make fun of people, but most of the time she just likes being honest in a blunt way. She does and says most things nonchalantly, but if the right nerve is stricken, then she tends to have an outburst of emotion, which would seem out-of-character for her.
Favorite Food and Drink: Milk and Spicy Foods
Ambitions: Wishes to become a vet, solicitor or a defense attorney.
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