The Marthale Twins

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The Marthale Twins

Post  Berserker on Mon Nov 05, 2012 8:50 am

The twins Vallus and Inesse Marthale


Name: Vallus Marthale
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Occupation: Archaeologist
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 72 kg


Vallus has a history of overreacting, something that bothers him today, and drives him to grow stronger. He seeks out the best in others, but keeps a healthy scepticism towards those he don't know. Similarly, he is slow to forgive if his trust is misused. After his adventures, he has grown calmer in his manner, barely batting an eyelash where he would formerly get upset, but perhaps more importantly, he has grown more confident in himself, no longer insisting on proving himself in front of far stronger companions. Even considering that, however, Vallus has grown bigger and stronger himself, adding to his confidence in taking down other foes.

Weapon: At the moment, Vallus is unarmed, but he shows a preference for short, one-handed swords coupled with light shields. He also has some proficience with bows, but the constant arrow shortage and accidentally misplacing it led him to stop carrying one around.

Magic affinity: Already having experience looking through old scriptures and seeking it, his magic manifests in his ability to rewind time in lesser contexts. This allows him to restore damage done to old scripts and books up to 100 years back, though he can't rewind major events that cause major changes in history. His task is writing down what has passed, rather than change it. Depending on his own fatigue, he can also rewind time for small areas of bodies, be it his own or his friends'. This allows him to "heal" damage, only that he returns the wounded area to an earlier state of existence.

Vallus has developed a very slow and careful method of work, as well as a paranoia of mimics. He will never open a chest without ensuring it is, in fact, a chest rather than a mimic.

Name: Inesse Marthale
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Occupation: Archaeologist
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 59 kg


What was initially a quite timid and shy girl has recently grown into a bold and outspoken young woman - Inesse, like her brother, has gained a lot of confidence and experience from when they began their journey. She grows more and more protective of her companions, studying spells and magic to better be able to support them in battle, and will eagerly jump into the fray herself to occupy opponents threatening her friends. Much of her past interest in archaeology has faded out with her adventures, as she has turned her focus to the present, as well as her magic studies. Even so, her knowledge is of use to her, as she is capable of deciphering ancient spell tomes that most cannot read, and she diligently continues to enhance her skills.

Weapon: Inesse has slowly shifted to relying on both swords and magic, using a longsword for defending herself when all else fails.

Magic affinity: With similar experience as her brother, her magic also is of a time-based nature. She is capable of scrying back into the past, to see people who lived then. Lately, her ability has grown easier for her to control, and more often shows relevant information to what she seeks. Furthermore, she can now choose freely between objects and places, allowing her to see different places than the one where she is.

After a magical mishap in a ruin north of Elthern, Inesse's heart was transmuted into a blood crystal performing the same function. Curiously, this has led to her no longer having a pulse, as the crystal instead ensures a continuous flow of blood through her veins. This seems to have had no adverse effect upon her, but rather boosted her stamina.

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