Zhu Shen Dynasty

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Zhu Shen Dynasty

Post  Octie♥ on Thu Oct 18, 2012 3:49 am

The trade hub of the Federation, this region specializes in manufacturing and commerce. They are the main supply and trade base of all of the Federation, being the ones that deal in the most business with foreign goods. Because of this, most foreigners also choose the region to settle in when they do feel the urge to live in the Federation borders. It is the largest region, area wise.

The country is governed and led by a group of businesses and property owners who use their economical power and wealth to run the whole region, a collective of trade unions. Because of the tendency of their region itself, they are an official neutral force in any kind of war or conflict, even against foreign powers. As such, the best combat force they have are the law enforcement that patrol the cities and the military patrols from other regions of the Federation. They do, however, have an infamous mercenary corps that is unlike anything else seen in the whole of Kayre. The truth is, they are a frugal power that will do whatever it takes to garner more economical success... even if that means instigating wars in other countries.

As their national motto goes, "Where there's money, there's a way."

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