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The Subjects [WIP]

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==Subject Basic Information Sheet==

- All "Subjects" are essentially normal humans suffering a rampant, temporary DNA mutation caused by the intake of an agent initially presented in a black market drug, distributed by an unknown organization. Its effects vary on the amount of the agent being exposed to, with a mild dose only giving a type 1 mutation, a heavier dose will cause a type 2 mutation. Type 3 to 4 vary on a per-person basis, with as-of-yet no clear explanation what determines it.

=Subject Type I=

The most basic Subject has enhanced stamina and agility, its body slightly deformed with elongated limbs, clawed hands and feet. It is able to climb walls quickly and has greatly increased jumping abilities, making it able to jump distances of up to 8 meters, and roughly 3 meters upwards. Their claws are sharp and very resistant, but are not able to pierce through more resistant body armors and overall are not much more dangerous than a normal knife. Their speed at which they move and strike, however, makes them deadly.
That said, the Type I is not aggressive towards normal human beings, usually not attacking someone unless provoked. Loud noises and brilliant lights will drive them insane and cause them to attack, however, as will directly coming into contact with them.

Like others, Type I is attracted to paranormal energy sources such as power users, seeking them out over long distances and waiting for others of their kind to form up and attack in unison.

  • Most common of them, can come from all walks of life and be found in many places,but mostly appear where drugs are being dealt with.
  • No special resistances or vulnerabilities.

=Subject Type II=

The second type is a large step-up from the Type I, trading off it's agility for endurance and attack power. Their bodies are larger, their muscle mass increased greatly, and the skin thickened. At this point, they don't reflect their original human bodies and instead look similar among each other, showing no hair on their heads, their eyes glazed over and almost white, their skin of a dark-grey color. They're capable of taking incredible amounts of punishment, shrugging off most small arms fire and melee weaponry, even fire does very little against their thick skin. Their weak-spot seems to be a small area of their neck, where their skin is rather thin and gunfire is able to pierce through. They're very dangerous up-close due to their melee-oriented nature, being able to smash someone with their bare fists.
Despite their bulk, they're still really quick when throwing punches or moving in general, also being able to run straight forward at a very high speed, able to smash through walls and crushing even larger objects such as cars in their path. They're not very intelligent, but still capable of adapting to their foes' actions. They will grab objects to use as melee or thrown weapons.
Similar to Type I, they aren't directly aggressive towards normal humans, but are easier to enrage than their weaker kind. However, once they acquire a target, they will usually not back down unless someone else becomes too much of a bother to their attempt at decimating their current target.

  • Similar to Type II, they can appear anywhere, but are most common where drugs are being used in high doses.

  • Highly resistant to kinetic weapons
  • Highly resistant to non-kinetic weapons: fire, lightning
  • Resistant to neural powers
  • Vulnerable to attacks to the back and sides of the neck and any form of toxic agents that acts inside the system rather than on the skin.

=Subject Type III=

A later addition to the group, the Type III is charged with paranormal energy, making it float almost permanently in midair. Similar to the Type I, it has elongated limbs, but has an emancipated look, with pale grey to very dark grey skin and washed-out, glowing white eyes with what appears to be a slight purple haze coming from them. They don't seem to have any physical ability to speak off, instead focusing entirely on psychic powers. They defend from melee by directly countering the attacker by smashing nearby debris or objects into them, or try to dodge by levitating out of the way. In ranged combat they excel by intercepting bullets and other projectiles and either deflecting or firing them back at their targets, picking up objects and using them as projectiles, either in their entirety, or shredding them down to smaller, deadly splinters that they throw in large volleys.
They're able to sense people at short distances, allowing them to ambush people easily, but this ability only works within a 50 meter radius, beyond that they have to rely on their normal senses. They can deflect or counter almost any attack as long as they are able to see or predict it by knowing its source, for up to 4 targets simultaneously, depending on how powerful the Type III is. They're however unable to both manipulate objects for an attack at the same time as they are defending, having to either risk it or drop the attack and defend themselves.

  • Uncommon, they appear infrequently but it's possible to find two or more together. They avoid small spaces where their flying movement is hindered. Large Warehouses and similar areas are their favorite hiding places.

  • High evasive skills, able to reflect most kinetic weaponry or gather it up to fling it back in a counter attack.
  • Resistant to small arms fire
  • Vulnerable to non-kinetic weaponry: fire, ice, lightning, acid, toxins

=Subject Type IV=
"Morpher" AKA "Knight"

A mutation based on the Type II with foreign DNA stolen from Jack Campbell in New York, this subject is slightly slimmer version of the Type II with less muscle-mass but increased agility. Due to the stolen DNA sample, it has gained the ability to deform its arms into a series of deadly weapons, among them a set of scythe blades, a large blade, a what appears to be a large wrecking ball on an extending tendril, and a long tentacle used like whip that also is capable of stabbing through solid objects. Records also show one of them deploying its left arm into a massive shield to protect someone.
The Type IV has darker skin than II,somewhat shinier and with the face being hidden under a set of biomass layers, giving the Subject a sealed armor-like appearance.
Despite their armor-layer, they do take more damage from weaponry than their Type II forms, but are able to adapt more easily and have greater intelligence, not to mention more powerful weapons.

  • Uncommon, Rare evolution of the Type II that only manifests in people who are experienced with melee weaponry.

  • Resistant to kinetic weaponry
  • Highly resistant to non-kinetic weaponry: fire, ice, lightning, acid, toxins and radiation*
    *radiation will affect weaponry and armor, but needs to get inside the sealed armor shell before it affects the Subject

====Special Types====

=Subject Type V=

An apparently unique mutation that turned its host into a being with large whip-like appendages sprouting from its back, as wide and thin as a sheet of paper that extended up to 20 meter in length and cutting through solid objects with ease. While the body was largely left unchanged, it was covered with several layers of very pale skin, making it very resistant to damage of all kinds while somewhat disguising the person inside.
Not much could be studied as the mutation lasted for only about 15 minutes top, but it took several armed squads, explosive weapons and a powerful enemy mutant to stop it in its tracks. The host died shortly after the mutation ended due to the damage taken during the fight. No samples could be taken from it afterwards.

=Subject Type ZERO=

Not truly subjects in their own rights, but most appear to be on the same side as them, and will never attack each under normal circumstances.
Similar to the Type III, they're psychics, and some would suggest they're the source of the latter's powers. They have similar but more powerful psychic powers, and can attack and defend at the same time, closing the defense gap that the Type III suffers. They all seem to be around 11 or 12 years old, and thus blend in perfectly within crowds. Compared to Subjects, Canis rarely appear randomly, they usually seem to be where they are for a certain purpose, suggesting they're being used as a sort of spec-ops unit.
It is to note that Canis seem to share a hatred for other power users with the Subjects, and while they may not be able to track them as the Subjects do, they will usually be able to tell them apart once they find one.

  • Canis never appear more than one at a time, suggesting their numbers are finite and spanned across the globe in countries with high amounts of PES, apparently scouting out the source of those signals in hopes of finding useful power users to subdue and take DNA samples from.

  • Highly resistant to neural powers
  • Adaptive defense to non-kinetic weaponry


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